Put your own style on your walls!

Consensus simplifies life massively – but you need to be uncompromising when it comes to your own personal style. People enjoy expressing their own individuality in terms of what they wear or the car they drive. This is especially true with the interior of where you actually live and spend time. Your furniture as well as your wall design let you create different effects and atmospheres that reflect your personal taste.

There are simply no limits to your imagination and creative freedom: achieve your dream look with loud colours and flamboyant patterns or restrained shades and smooth surfaces – and achieve this simply and easily with our wide range of paintable wallcoverings. And even keen amateur decorators can achieve perfect results quickly and easily and, once dry, personalise them with a brush, sponge or roller.

Best of all: when trends and tastes change,simply paint the wallcoverings in your new favourite colour.

Still unsure what you would like your new walls to look like? Then let our ERFURT Creative Ideas inspire you!

ERFURT Creative Ideas

You’ll find just the right ideas here if wall design means more than just painting a coloured wall, if you enjoy trying out unusual techniques, and if creativity and craftsmanship are important to you when it comes to designing your walls. You are guaranteed to succeed with these step-by-step instructions and a desire to experiment.



Keen to transform your plain wall into a real statement wall but reluctant to spend time masking off areas? Then this creative idea is perfect for you:

Step-by-step instructions

ERFURT wall design

Still unsure about selecting the right wallcoverings? You might be asking yourself why you even need wallpaper? A smooth wall or texture and, if so, which one – we have a wealth of hints and ideas here.

ERFURT - Get crafty with wallpaper

Just finished wallpapering and still have wallpaper left? Keen to create individual accessories that perfectly match your own style and your surroundings? Then it’s time for creativity and up-cycling. Give drawers a totally new look by lining them with wallpaper. A small strip of wallpaper just behind shelving – and you’ve created a new unit in seconds. A mobile or self-bound book – the possibilities are literally endless.


Lighting magic

Summer is approaching and your garden or balcony is the perfect place to meet up with friends on warm summer evenings. Our beautiful lanterns are perfect for adding a touch of style to your garden or balcony. 

Step-by-step instructions

Design inspiration

Stripes, triangles, different coloured areas – you can achieve so many different effects by designing a feature wall or all the walls of a room. Here are just a few of many examples.