Lends a sophisticated look to walls

The trend towards smooth walls
The trend in recent years has been to plaster and perhaps paint the walls of new buildings, refurbishments and renovations. No wallcovering was applied: the walls were left "bare"!

Persuasive product benefits
The use of flat nonwoven wallcoverings from the new ERFURT-Variovlies product range offers a perfect alternative to "bare" walls. Regardless of whether they are used as a perfect base surface for paint, as a wallcovering to cover cracks, for long-lasing smooth walls or as a finely textured surface for enhanced comfort in your own home. Variovlies improves the indoor climate, smooths out any unevenness of the base surface and creates a look that is as smooth as a plastered wall. What is more, these breathable and moisture-regulating natural products are healthy wallcoverings, free of PVC and other substances that could be harmful to health.

The right solution for your smooth walls every time

Simple – fast – guaranteed success
ERFURT flat nonwoven wallcoverings could not be easier to use. The high-grade and tear-resistant flat nonwoven wallcoverings can be applied to all base surfaces suitable for wallpapering. Simply and efficiently apply them using the paste-the-wall technique. 

Covers cracks – for lasting smooth crack-free walls
Walls and plaster expand and shrink. Especially in new buildings or with freshly applied surfaces. Stresses and cracks are the result. Do you wish to avoid unattractive effects on the wall? You can now enjoy long-lasting crack-free smooth walls with the crack-covering qualities of Variovlies.

Easy to remove
Have you ever wondered how you could remove different paint coverings or textured plaster? It couldn’t be simpler if paint or textured plaster is applied to VARIOVLIES and then simply removed in a single step together with the VARIOVLIES when you come to redecorate or renovate.