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ERFURT-KlimaTec interior insulation plates

ERFURT-KlimaTec IP 2500+ and IP 3500+ interior insulation plates have been optimised to provide excellent thermal insulation combined with minimal loss of living space. The breathable and capillary-active insulation plates provide optimum protection against moisture and do not require further testing or proof in compliance with DIN 4108-3. So that you are on the safe side:


ERFURT-KlimaTec IP 2500+ und IP 3500+ interior insulation plates consist of a 1.0 cm thick expanded glass granulate panel and a 1.5 cm or 2.5 cm thick textile nonwoven material. The expanded glass granulate is made of recycled glass, which is expanded at a high temperature. This makes the material very durable and conserves resources. The hollow spheres have excellent thermal insulating properties and are resistant to moisture. The front is laminated with a glass nonwoven material for ease of wallpapering.

System adhesives, soffit panels and insulating wedges complete the product range.



Energy consumption

Private households consume around a quarter of Germany's total energy requirements. Approx. 70% of this energy is used for heating.

Heating our homes accounts for approximately 18% of the total energy consumption in Germany. From August 2020 to August 2021, the price of natural gas rose by 88.5%. CO2 emissions will more than double by 2025. You will have to pay for this!

You can only spend your money once. Work out what you would do without by not saving heating energy.

Slimline interior insulation

The first few centimetres of insulation achieve the greatest effect. Depending on the existing wall structure, you can save more than 50% of the heat loss through the walls with the 3.5 cm thick interior insulation plate IP 3500+. An insulation thickness of 10 cm would be required to save half of the remaining 50%. The diagram takes into account the fact that the effect of thermal bridges on interior insulation becomes greater as the thickness of the insulation increases.

Most builders do not want this thickness of insulation because of the associated loss of valuable living space. That is why Erfurt has focused on the optimum range when developing its interior insulation range.

Easy to apply

ERFURT-KlimaTec interior insulation plates are easy to use and can be cut to the required size by hand or using a jigsaw. The panels are very lightweight and can also be handled by one person alone.

The interior insulation plates IP 2500+ and IP 3500+ enable a highly efficient soft-fibre insulation and hardboard to be applied to the wall in a single stage: yet another benefit. Other soft-fibre insulation requires several layers of reinforcing plaster.

A glass nonwoven material is laminated on the room side. It is therefore up to you whether you want to wallpaper directly on top of it or coat it with a mineral-based plaster.

You simply need to smooth over the joints with a reinforcing webbing. The panels are chamfered on all sides making it easier to fill the joints.

You need to pay particular attention to protecting against moisture with interior insulation. ERFURT-KlimaTec interior insulation plates have been designed to comply with the structural requirements of DIN 4108-3. They meet all the requirements obviating the need for a Moisture Protection Certificate. This makes the products safe to use.


Saving heating energy is an important component in achieving our climate targets. But it is also very important to look at what resources are used for this. It is indisputable that we need to substitute oil-based insulation materials.

But wood insulation materials are also increasingly coming in for criticism. Although wood is a renewable raw material, the enormous demand generated by rapidly growing economies in the emerging markets has led to a shortage of timber and wood insulation materials on an international level. Demand is growing faster than the trees themselves.

As the forests are the lungs of our earth, we must not take more wood than grows back. We need alternative materials to compensate for this shortage.

KlimaTec products do more than just save heating energy. They also help to conserve scarce resources due to their high percentage of recycled materials.


The hardboard of the IP 2500+ and IP 3500+ interior insulation panels is made of 90% expanded glass granulate, which is produced from recycled glass. Due to its fineness, this recycled glass can no longer be used for the manufacture of new glass products.

This closes a gap in the recycling cycle.

The textile nonwoven used in the interior insulation plate is made of 30% recycled fibres. 18 recycled PET bottles are given a new lease of life for every  square metre of IP 3500+.




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