Train shelf for the nursery

Step-by-step instructions

Are you keen to do something special in your child’s nursery? Then this train shelf is just the ticket!

Painting walls yourself is great for adults and children to admire but can also turn into a veritable mammoth project. A small project, like this train, is a perfect first step. Use our template, which you can transfer directly to the wall, then you just need to paint in between the lines and, in no time, the train will be carrying books, toys and plushies from A to B.

1. First, apply a flat nonwoven wallcovering to the wall and add a coat of apricot paint. Now print off the template in the size you require and have it to hand. Cut through the middle of the template so that the engine and carriage can be used as separate templates.

2. Determine the position of the shelf, making sure that everything is horizontal. It is best to use a spirit level for this.

3. Now use masking tape to mark on the position of the shelf. Extend the masking tape at the front and back. That way you will be sure that the engine and the carriage are at the same height.

4. You can now start transferring your drawing to the wall. Simply fix the transfer paper to the wall where you want the engine to be. Then attach the template of the engine where you want it over the transfer paper. Create the carriage outline in the same way. 

5. Then use a pencil or pen to draw over the outline of the template with a little pressure. The outline should now be visible on the wall when you remove the template and the transfer paper.

6. Then you can start mixing the colours. We used the lid of a tub of paint as a mixing palette. But you can also use a piece of cardboard, a decorator’s palette from a DIY store or a paper plate.

7. Now you can start filling in with colour. First of all, we painted the upper part of the engine a lighter shade of blue. Then we used a medium blue colour for the next part.

8. Then finally the clouds in white. We painted the bottom part of the engine in brown. With the wheels in a lighter shade of brown.

9. We then used a black marker for the wheel details and the spokes.

10. Now we can add additional details. Let’s do the same with the carriage. First of all, we painted the roof blue and the side of the carriage pink. Then we painted the bottom part of the carriage in a darker shade of pink.

11. And finally we’ve just added a few extra details. You can paint the engine and carriage the same colour as we have or in a colour of your choice.

12. This is what your end result should look like. You just need to remove the masking tape and hang the shelf or picture rail in its place.

List of tools for this creative technique

  • Pasting table 
  • Plastic dust sheet and masking tape 
  • Paint roller
  • Masking tape 
  • Small paintbrush 

List of materials

  • Any ERFURT wallcovering
  • Paste 
  • Apricot wall paint 
  • Transfer paper or graphite paper 
  • A small wall shelf or picture rail 
  • Various acrylic or wall paints of your choice 
  • Black permanent marker 

Train shelf for the nursery