The seamless surface absorber for walls and ceilings

Acoustic base plaster ERFURT-KlimaTec GP 10+ and acoustic finishing plaster ERFURT-KlimaTec OP 5+

Experience room acoustics that make you feel good! Optimum acoustics in a room help a person's capacity to focus and concentrate, aiding their performance and well-being. And who does not want to live or work in a room that allows you to communicate with and understand others with ease?

The product

As plaster carriers, the climate panels ERFURT-KlimaTec KP 1000+ PRO or ERFURT-KlimaTec KP 2500+ PRO are used, which are glued using system adhesive SR 6, directly onto the wall or ceiling surface to be renovated. The Acoustic plaster is a two-layer system consisting of the acoustic base plaster GP 10 and the acoustic top coat OP 5. The base plaster is used to level offsets and gaps in the panel joints of up to 3 mm. After hardening, the base coat is sanded to obtain a level surface for the finishing coat. The base coat and finishing coat are both two-component materials. The components are delivered in a hobbock for convenient mixing of the two plasters in the delivery containers.


Good room acoustics are particularly important in rooms where lots of people gather or meet. But unfortunately these rooms, including classrooms, restaurants or canteens, often have poor acoustics due to their sparse furnishings, bare walls and hard floors. This often leads to the sound waves being reflected off these surfaces, further increasing noise levels. However, modern interior architecture means that room acoustics are often poor in private homes as well. It is true that clean lines and minimal décor accentuate the room itself, while large windows maximise the feeling of openness. But the absence off curtains, carpets and comfy sofas worsens the acoustics.

However, poor room acoustics is by no means an unfixable problem. Using ERFURT's new Acoustic System, you can now remedy this during the planning or renovation phase. 


  • Smooth, seamless surfaces
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Suitable for walls and ceilings
  • Very good sound absorption
  • Directly bonded system
  • No substructure required
  • Low installation height of only 1.5 cm or 3 cm
  • Fine, matt, pure white finish
  • Easy to apply


No need to adapt the interior design to a functional component, just do it the other way around! The wall and ceiling surfaces of the acoustic system are seamless and are not visually perceived as sound absorbers. The structure of the Acoustic Finishing Plaster is exceptionally fine for an acoustic plaster, and is hard to distinguish from a normal plaster. The marble content creates a bright white surface that does not require additional coating. Benefit from this innovative system and design your customers' rooms according to their ideas.


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