These Christmas stars are great all-rounders!

Step-by-step instruction

Are you still looking for a nice gift to give a guest for their festive table or an inspiring idea for an Advent calendar? Then pay attention, because these Christmas stars are great all-rounders. Sewn in an instant, you can fill them with cotton wool as decorations, or with sweets, small surprises and sequins, glitter or confetti as a gift for a guest, Advent calendar or party cracker.


Instructions and list of materials


1. Print and cut out the star template.

2. Cut 2x stars the shape of the template from the wallcovering for each star. This is best done by placing the wallcovering on top of each other, with the backs facing and placing the template on top. Then cut around the template, holding it firmly in place to prevent the layers from slipping as you cut.


3. You can also draw the template on the wallcovering in pencil and then cut it out.

4. Now thread your sewing machine.

5. Sew approx. 1 cm from the edge with a backstitch. 

6. The points of the stars look particularly sharp if you briefly stop your sewing machine, raise the sewing foot, turn the star, lower the foot and continue sewing the next side.


7. If the stars are to be filled, leave a small opening when sewing, fill the star and then carefully sew over the opening.

8. Often the edges of the stars can slip slightly during sewing. Cut the edges again and round off the corners for a perfect result.

HANDY HINT: Create a very individual look with your choice of sewing thread and stitch. Black and zigzag stitches create a cool, monochromatic look, neon pink and a more playful stitch looks more modern and feminine. It is worth trying different versions on a sample piece of wallcovering!


List of tools 

  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Template, if necessary
  • Pencil, if necessary

List of materials 

  • ERFURT-Novaboss 340 or another textured wallcovering
  • White and pink sewing thread