Sustainability at ERFURT

A sense of responsibility to protect human health and conserve the environment has formed an integral part of our company's philosophy for generations. As a family-owned company, it is in our very nature to think about the future.

Sustainable products

Our wallcovering products have been developed for lasting use. We use high-quality natural raw materials derived from sustainable production. Our production processes are designed to produce high-quality wallcoverings reliably. We set great store by our continuous factory production control and also employ a quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

We develop products with consideration of the sustainable management of natural resources and therefore preferably use recycled papers as fibrous raw material, use energy efficiently and water sparingly. Our wallcoverings meet our customers’ wishes for a healthy, natural living environment and the desire not to pollute the environment more than is necessary through our own actions.


Recycled paper as a resource

Our paper fibres come from 100% recycled paper. This preserves our forests and valuable habitats for animals and plants are retained.



Sustainable site

Sustainability is a process that must align to both the present and the future. We have been operating at the same site for almost 200 years and deal responsibly with the regional natural resources available to us. Nestling within a protected landscape, our focus is on reducing the production of waste and residual materials to a minimum, as well as to reducing polluting emissions and waste water.

As a family-owned business, sustainable corporate management forms the basis for the continued existence of the enterprise. Our company has strong roots in the region and our commitment goes far beyond our mere production processes. It is important to us to be socially, ecologically and economically responsible.

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Our company’s headquarters is located in Wuppertal’s Beyenburg district in the heart of a protected landscape. The natural environment means that our corporate philosophy can be experienced by everyone. We attach great importance to preserving our resources. We maintain and use our building, parts of which date back centuries, for meetings and staff apartments, and ensure the use of natural and sustainable materials.


Sustainability Report

We document our company’s activities and services towards greater sustainability in an exhaustive and comprehensive Sustainability Report.

You can download the Sustainability Report here.

Green Brands

The GREEN BRANDS quality seal awards companies, products and service providers - among others - which make a significant contribution to climate protection, the environment, nature, biodiversity and resources.

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Social sustainability

Our clients and colleagues

We put our customers at the centre of everything we do. Partnership-based cooperation and customer satisfaction are principles that shape ERFURT’s business. We mutually benefit from new ideas and developments for the future through the trusting and long-term collaboration with our customers.

We are successful thanks to our motivated and qualified employees and put our trust in the abilities of each and every individual. The cohesion of our workforce is a very important aspect for us. We encourage a collaborative working relationship through company parties and by locating oases of well-being within the premises at which conversation among employees is encouraged in an attractive and relaxed atmosphere.


ERFURT employees

ERFURT has very flat hierarchical structures, which engender commonality and cohesion. We encourage individual strengths and ensure that each employee has the best possible conditions for carrying out his or her duties. The average length of service at ERFURT is 17 years and demonstrates to us that our employees feel ‘at home’ here.