KlimaTec Products Energy Saving Calculator

ERFURT’s KlimaTec range presents solutions to increase comfort, remedy the formation of mould and save heating costs. Refer to the various tables to calculate the potential savings you can make with our products and when they will pay for themselves.


KV, IP, KP Energy Saving Calculator

Energy costs continue to rise. Save heating costs quickly and without drastic renovation measures with effective interior insulation. Calculate the potential savings you can make now by using our KV 600, interior insulation plates and climate panel products.


ERFURT KV, IP, KP Energy Saving Calculator


FH Energy Saving Calculator

Energy can be saved quickly and effectively by using a surface heating system. By heating the occupied areas, the central heating system can be turned down, if required, immediately reducing energy consumption. Calculate how much you could save in the table.


ERFURT FH Energy Saving Calculator