Wall shelf

Step-by-step guide

We have already shown you the creative ideas you can make from remaining pieces of wallpaper. These fantastic ERFURT textured wallcoverings are perfect for painting!

It couldn’t be easier to paint over the embossed motifs and textures. We have opted for a watercolour effect, but you can also create amazing works of art on wallpaper using fine liners, felt tip pens or acrylic paint and produce a great 3D effect thanks to their raised texture.

1. First take a section of your preferred wallcovering (in this case Novaboss 341) as well as pens, scissors and the water tank brush.

2. Then measure the wall shelf and produce a template. We recommend removing the back of wall shelves with a removable back, and subsequently covering it completely with the painted wallcovering. Transparent paper is useful for producing templates for wall shelves with small compartments.

3. Carefully use a pencil to transfer the template onto the front of the wallcovering. When there are several individual compartments, as is the case with our wall shelf, we recommend positioning the templates on the wallcovering so that the motif or pattern continues inside the shelf, or at least points in the same direction.

4. Now you can start painting. In this case, we painted the pistil of the flower orange. We then brushed on some looser strokes in pink from the centre of the flower.

5. As the Sketch your Day Markers can be worked rather like watercolours, we then used the water tank brush to paint the petals of the flower. This creates a beautiful watercolour effect.

6. Once you have painted the flower, continue to paint the leaves green. Paint the entire area you have marked off in the same way. We also recommend drawing over the pencil lines as it makes for a cleaner cut.

7. Now use scissors to cut out the pre-drawn shapes and check whether they fit in their intended position. You may need to slightly alter them with scissors. We recommend using spray glue to fix the sections of wallpaper in the wall shelf. Simply spray adhesive onto the back of the wallpaper as per the instructions.

8. Carefully insert them into the wall shelf and press firmly in place.

HINT: Create the most amazing designs with your choice of wallcovering! Just browse through the designs in our Novaboss collection at

List of tools for this decorative technique

  • Sketch your Day Sketchmarker 
  • Water tank brush pen
  • Scissors, pencil

List of materials

  • Any ERFURT wallcovering
  • Small wall shelf 

Wall shelf