A heating system you can wallpaper

The electric ERFURT-KlimaTec FH 300 PRO surface heating system

The new electric FH 300 PRO surface heating system is the ideal addition to climate panels and interior insulation plates from the ERFURT-KlimaTec range. The carbon-based thermal nonwoven material generates infra-red radiation, which directly warms the people and objects that it meets. People perceive this as being very pleasant and comfortable, even when the air temperature is lower. The surface heating system reacts very quickly. Home-owners can lower the central heating and only heat the occupied areas of the house when heat is needed, thereby saving heating energy.

This investment pays for itself by saving heating energy. Apart from this, it also conserves resources and therefore benefits the environment.

The product

The ERFURT-KlimaTec FH 300 PRO surface heating system consists of heatable, smooth carbon-based thermal nonwoven material, which is stimulated by an electrical direct current by means of a transformer to emit thermal radiation. The benefit of this system is that the thermal radiation is available very quickly. The heatable nonwoven material can be wallpapered over, meaning that the heating system is invisible when installed and can be decorated just like a normal wall. Even screws and nails do not present a problem  

The surface heating system is supplied as a complete set including transformer and wireless control. All the components you need are contained in the set. Installation is extremely straightforward, with no need for an electrician. Customers therefore do not need to arrange for a tradesperson other than the decorator.

Contents of the complete set

Possible uses of surface heating


  • Comfortable thermal radiation
  • Short response time
  • Low investment, installation and consumption costs
  • Invisible and blends into your interior design
  • Ideal for walls and ceilings
  • Includes programmable wireless room thermostat
  • Can be fitted by a decorator – no electrician required
  • Complies with the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC

Saving heating costs made easy

Every building has a specific need for thermal energy to maintain the required indoor temperature during the heating  period. We can reduce this energy requirement  by improving the insulation standard and lowering the required indoor temperature.

If the room temperature set on the central heating system is lowered from 20 °C to 17 °C, the transmission and ventilation heat losses are reduced by 23% (using Mannheim as the reference location). We can use this fact to save heating costs with the ERFURT-KlimaTec FH 300 PRO electric surface heating system.

The wall and ceiling heating system reacts very quickly and generates pleasant thermal radiation in a very short time. As a result, the room temperature set on the central heating can be turned down by three degrees and the surface heating system only switched on when it is required.


Heating energy can be effectively saved relatively easily through the combined use of interior insulation and the surface heating system. The examples below list the savings that can be achieved with interior insulation plates etc. The system comes as a set.

Heating times are considerably faster if interior insulation plates IP 2500+ or IP 3500+, or climate panels KP 1000+ or KP 2500+ are fitted underneath the surface heating system. Comfort is further enhanced if Klimavlies KV 600 is applied to the other walls and under the ceiling. This also increases the temperature on these surfaces.

A thermal imaging camera can visualise the thermal radiation by detecting the infra-red energy radiated, creating an image of the surface temperature distribution.

* Important information: General conditions: Mannheim is used as the reference location, gas central heating, room temperature generated by central heating lowered from 20 °C to 17 °C over the entire heating period, working price for gas 21 cents/kWh, working price for electricity 38 cents/kWh. No guarantee is given for the correctness of the results. The calculation is only intended to illustrate the possible savings. An extensive calculation by a specialist designer which takes the local circumstances into account is required to transfer the figures to a specific project.

How to use and technical data on carbon-based thermal nonwoven

The complete surface heating system can be fitted by a decorator with no need for an electrician. All the installation steps are clearly presented in the operating manual. The carbon-based nonwoven material comes in the following dimensions to enable extremely efficient use: 2,200 x 600 x 0.4 mm ( L x W x H ), separable. Cables are crimped on at both ends and there are enough crimp connectors and connection options in the transformers for two lengths of carbon-based nonwoven. Carbon-based thermal nonwoven has an output of 220 watts/m².



The ERFURT-KlimaTec FH 300 surface heating system complies with Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC. The aim of the directive is to save energy and other resources in the production, operation and disposal of energy-related products. The directive considers the entire product life cycle and stipulates minimum requirements regarding the design of a product.  


Video - How to install the ERFURT-KlimaTec FH 300 surface heating system


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