Press material

Clever: Plan B for the heating season

How interior insulation and electric surface heating efficiently help save energy

“Digitally Printed Walls”: the new Erfurt JuicyWalls collection

“Digitally printed wallcoverings reinterpreted” – Erfurt, the wallcovering manufacturer, presents its latest JuicyWalls PRO collection with brand-new…

Wall you need is love!

High-quality, digitally printed wallcoverings capture images, art and emotion on the wall.

Erfurt: Relaunch of the Vliesfaser and textured nonwoven range

When selecting paintable wallcoverings, consumers can now enjoy a clearly organised product range with a wealth of textures in the Erfurt quality they…

Woodchip wallpaper acting as a carbon store

Wood is more than just a completely versatile raw material – every tree uses photosynthesis to convert considerable quantities of the controversial…

Mission: Back to School!

Woodchip wallpaper helps to create a happy, child-friendly and healthy learning environment.

Greater paper recycling efficiency

A newly set up pulper (dissolver) now enables Erfurt & Sohn to truly work in parallel, so that raw materials and nonwoven waste can be simultaneously…

Farewell tiles, hello wallpaper!

A special Wet Room System now enables digitally printed wallcoverings to be used in wet rooms

Lifestyle trend: digitally printed wallcoverings in wet rooms

The new Erfurt-JuicyWalls Wet Room System transforms digitally printed wallcoverings into durable and washable wall surfaces that can now also be…