Press material

Welcome to life

Healthy woodchip, free from all harmful materials, is the product of choice when it comes to nest-building.

Up-cycled must-have

Use your left-over wallcoverings to make an atmospheric lampshade in an instant

Altering the shape of rooms with paintable wallcoverings

How the targeted use of colour can affect the impact of a room

Keen to give your home a makeover?

Use coloured walls to skillfully create rooms full of atmosphere.

When walls tell stories

Simply apply your own HD-quality photos or expressively curated images to your wall with digitally printed wallcoverings

Professional & economical: smooth wall surfaces

Better, faster, more beautiful – painters and decorators can start the race in the fast lane without compromising the quality of their results with…

My wall, my creative project

Inspiring wall design ideas for home offices and children's bedrooms and playrooms

A good base surface for art projects

Graffiti art has long since lost its controversial status – more and more companies and institutions are providing graffiti artists with surfaces that…

Save energy and generate additional business with surface heating!

Energy costs have increased dramatically - saving energy is the order of the day. Our heating habits, in particular, will need to be more flexible in…