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Use texture to enhance your lifestyle!

PVC-free textured wallcoverings can be used to create three-dimensional character walls with the 'wow' factor.

When your wall dream becomes – and remains – a dream wall!

Nonwoven woodchip is totally impressive both visually and functionally

As smooth as silk!

Modern flat nonwovens are versatile, healthy, and easy to work with

DIY project: heat literally “off the roll”!

Effective energy-saving interior insulation helps to reduce heating costs and increase comfort

It's all just paste isn't it?

Wallpapering success in an instant with the right accessories and useful tips and suggestions from Erfurt.

Clever: Plan B for the heating season

How interior insulation and electric surface heating efficiently help save energy

“Digitally Printed Walls”: the new Erfurt JuicyWalls collection

“Digitally printed wallcoverings reinterpreted” – Erfurt, the wallcovering manufacturer, presents its latest JuicyWalls PRO collection with brand-new…

Wall you need is love!

High-quality, digitally printed wallcoverings capture images, art and emotion on the wall.

Erfurt: Relaunch of the Vliesfaser and textured nonwoven range

When selecting paintable wallcoverings, consumers can now enjoy a clearly organised product range with a wealth of textures in the Erfurt quality they…