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Step-by-step instruction

Wow, what an effect! Even a boring corner is transformed into an eye-catching area with a decorative sculpture like this on the wall!

The flower created on the wall using textured wallcovering looks like modern art. And as the wallcovering comes in a roll, the flower gains a fantastic 3D effect without too much effort. First, paper the wall with a wallcovering of your choice and apply a coat of white undercoat. This is easy with our handy hints and tips for wallpapering.

Of course, you can leave the wall as it is - providing the wallpaper is still attractive and looks good. If you have used an ERFURT wallcovering, you can simply re-paint it and have a great background for the textured wall sculpture in an instant. We are happy to explain what you should look out for when painting in detail in these step-by-step instructions.

And then you also need a nice wallcovering for your creative work. We have a great selection to choose from. 


List of tools

List of materials

1. Prepare the wall, either re-paper it or just paint it. It needs to be completely dry before you can continue working with it.

2. Unroll the wallcovering of your choice to approximately 20 cm and cut it off relatively straight from the roll. Place two 20 cm wide lengths on top of each other and cut out several petal shapes freehand. We made sure that the petal shapes are about the same length.

3. Cut the double-sided tape into small squares. Stick to one end of the outwardly-curving petal shape.

4. Using a pencil, drawing pin and thread, draw a circle on the wall with the desired outer dimensions of your wall sculpture. This acts rather like a pair of compasses: fix the drawing pin at the centre of your flower, knot one end of the thread around it and knot the other end at your required length around the pencil. With the thread stretched, guide the pencil around in a circle and draw a narrow line.

5. Now start sticking the petals on the pencil circle overlapping each other.

6. When the first circle is finished, start with the next one. To do this, stick the petals on the inside of the first circle. Always place the next smaller circle of petals on top of the petals already in place, being sure to leave no gaps.

7. Gradually work from the outside inwards.


8. Cut out a few smaller petals for the centre of the flower and arrange them in the centre.

List of tools 

  • Wallpapering or painting tools, if required
  • Pencil
  • Thread
  • Drawing pin
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Scissors

List of materials 

  • Wallcovering of your choice
  • Paste and / or paint (optional)

Textured Image