The lightweight panel for a whole range of applications

The universal ERFURT-KlimaTec Vario panel VP 1000+ PRO

The versatile Vario panel VP 1000+ PRO is an all-rounder for various applications - be it for a stylish interior design, the design of a bathroom, precise subfloor leveling or an effective base renovation. Whether for indoor or outdoor use - there are practically no limits to the possibilities.

Save time and money by relying on the Vario panel VP 1000+ PRO. The solution that flexibly adapts to the needs of your customers.


The product

The Vario panel consists of expanded glass granulate, which is pressed with durable fibreglass fabric. This makes for an extremely light and extraordinarily robust panel. The Vario panel allows for efficient and time-saving work. The panel is impact-resistant and bendable, which translates to ease of handling. In addition, processing is dust-free and uncomplicated. You can easily score the panel with a cutter knife and break it along an edge. It can be coated directly with filler or covered with tiles. The Vario panel may be screwed onto a stud frame made of wood or metal or, using the SR 6 system adhesive, glued directly onto the substrate.

The Vario panel is moisture and frost resistant and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its excellent properties, it is the ideal alternative to conventional gypsum fibre and fibre cement panels.



Furthermore, the Vario panels are particularly low-emission, as the French seal attests.

*information sur le niveau d’émission de substances volatiles dans l’air intérieur, présentant un risque de toxicité par inhalation, sur une échelle de classe allant de A+ (très faibles émissions) à C (fortes émissions).


The new Vario panel VP 1000 PRO is made of 94% recycled waste glass. This product is environmentally friendly and free of harmful ingredients. The material is non-flammable (A2-s1,d0) and may also be used in areas with more stringent fire protection requirements.





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