Dabs of gold

Step-by-step guide

The combination of the fine flower tendrils and the delicate gold finish lends the room warmth and a touch of vintage magic! The beautiful floral motif is part of the textured pattern of the wallpaper and is transformed into a real eye-catching feature with a little colour. Do you still need to wallpaper but need a little help? Our Handy Hints and Ideas page is guaranteed to help you!

1. First, prepare the wall for wallpapering and bring together all your materials.

2. Wallpaper the wall, let it dry, and prime with white paint.

3. You can get started with your design if the wall is already primed and dried. First, give the golden paint a good stir.

4. Spread some of the paint over the lid of the paint bucket or other flat surface and carefully mop it up with a kitchen sponge or sponge roller.

5. Now use the linoleum roller to roll the paint off the sponge as evenly as possible. Make sure that the paint is transferred evenly to the roller. It is preferable to apply less paint at the start and test the result on a spare piece of wallpaper.

6. Then use the linoleum roller to carefully roll over the raised areas of the textured wallpaper. The best way to do this is to work with minimal pressure at first and see what the result looks like.

7. Work your way across the entire wall in the same way.

8. Finally, use a little white paint and a brush to correct splashes or areas that have been given too much paint.

HANDY HINT: You’ll find so many beautifully textured wallcoverings to customise with this technique here. How about the leaf structure of Novaboss 314 in different shades of green?

List of tools for this decorative technique

  • Pasting table
  • Wallpapering tools
  • Sponge or sponge roller
  • Linoleum roller
  • Paint roller
  • Brush, if necessary

List of materials

  • ERFURT-Novaboss 341 wallcovering or similar
  • Paste
  • Plastic dust sheet and masking tape
  • White paint with a gold metal look

Dabs of gold