Impact of colour

Are you looking for a new wall colour that can add real character to your home? We have put together in our guide everything you need to know about the impact of colour!

Choosing the right wall colour affects the impact of a room, our well-being and also our mental state. For instance did you know that the colour blue can help to reduce stress? Or that orange can help to boost your productivity?

We have also recommended coordinating colours for each colour and explain the wallcovering textures that work well with these colours.

Dark wall colours

Dark colours oppressive and dull? Not a bit of it!

Many people feel daunted by the idea of painting a room in a dark colour because they think that it will essentially make the room feel smaller and more compact. 

However, the right use of the colour can make a room feel really homely and cosy!


Need to reduce your stress levels? Try using the colour blue! The colour is very calming and relaxing.

Suitable rooms: bedroom, kitchen

Coordinating colours: lilac, beige, light blue, white

Illustrated texture: Variovlies Flat Premium



A lush green can be very calming and harmonious and is capable of transforming a room into a veritable oasis of well-being.

Suitable rooms: bedroom, living room

Coordinating colours: orange, white, dark grey

Recommended wallcovering: Novaboss 261



Do you need to recharge your batteries at home? A dark lilac/purple colour could help you to feel revived.

Suitable rooms: living room, bedroom, hallway

Coordinating colours: blue, yellow, grey

Recommended wallcovering: Vlies-Rauhfaser Rustic


A beautiful dark red can warm a room adding energy to it.

Suitable rooms: living room

Coordinating colours: green, white, dark grey

Recommended wallcovering: Vliesfaser Maxx Flowers 201



Painting your walls orange can boost your productivity and have a sociable effect.

Suitable rooms: study

Coordinating colours: green, beige

Recommended wallcovering: Vliesfaser Maxx Brick 224


Are you looking for greater calm and serenity? A brown wall allows all your worries to quickly float away! 

Suitable rooms: bedroom, living room

Coordinating colours: beige, grey, dark blue

Recommended wallcovering: Novaboss 251

Bright wall colours

Ever considered an invigoratingly bright wall colour?

The use of bright colours can make your rooms feel wider and create an open atmosphere. Bright colours gracefully blend into the background unobtrusively exuding their charm. 

They revive a room when used as the primary colour and also as a complementary colour.


Looking for an on-trend look? Jade exudes a vibrant and positive impact. 

Suitable rooms: bathroom, bedroom

Coordinating colours: white, grey, dark green

Recommended wallcovering: Variovlies ECO Green


A simple white opens up a room, exuding a light and positive feel, brightening the atmosphere.

Suitable rooms: bathroom, living room

Coordinating colours: beige, blue, green

Recommended wallcovering: Vliesfaser Maxx Nautilus 202


Pink has no longer been an exclusively 'girl's colour' for some time. The colour is relaxing and helps to reduce aggression, an effect that everyone can benefit from.

Suitable rooms: children's playroom, bedroom

Coordinating colours: white, grey, light blue

Recommended wallcovering: Vliesfaser Maxx Tamis 220


Beige is a wonderful colour when you need something calming and grounded. 

Suitable rooms: living room, hallway

Coordinating colours: brown, orange

Recommended wallcovering: Variovlies Brilliant

Light blue

A light blue colour can feel refreshing and make the room feel wider. The colour can help you to relax and recharge your batteries.

Suitable rooms: study, living room

Coordinating colours: white, pink Grey

Recommended wallcovering: Vlies-Rauhfaser Viva


Yellow promotes creativity and can really boost your productivity! 

Suitable rooms: study, kitchen

Coordinating colours: white, grey, orange, red

Recommended wallcovering: Vliesfaser MAXX Reed 219

Wallpapering instructions

You've now selected the right colour for your room? Great! Virtually nothing can now go wrong providing you ensure that you buy a quality wall paint.

Here are a few more handy decorating hints:


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