Mountain Panorama

Step-by-step instruction

A pencil, tape measure and paint are all you need for this landscape interpretation – so let’s get going! The room has a bright and friendly feel in spite of the opulent choice of colours because the shades becoming lighter as they rise up the wall. First apply nonwoven woodchip wallcovering to the wall to be decorated. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions for this at Then use white paint as an undercoat.

Like the pattern but the colour doesn’t suit your interior? Want your base surface to have a floral texture? Or more of a linear look? You’re sure to find what you are looking for amongst the adaptable and versatile textures from the Vliesfaser product range. Simply select the wallcovering of your choice and paint it in your preferred colour combination. 

And should your tastes change – not a problem – the wallcoverings can be re-painted several times and you can create a new look in an instant with a little paint and creativity.


Instructions and list of materials

1. Draw marks for the heights of the individual layers on both sides of the wall. We have opted for 6 layers here.

2. Then draw wavy lines freehand between the marks. Make sure that the wavy line does not protrude above the height of the next layer up.

3. Now mix up your paint. First pour white paint into your tray and add a little green paint. Mix it thoroughly to create an even colour.

4. Then start to paint the uppermost, lightest layer. Use the small paintbrush to draw the edges and use the bigger paintbrush to fill in the area. Ideally, you should work with long, horizontal brush strokes. Paint over the pencil line of the next layer down.

5. Add another splash of green paint to mix the next darker shade of green. Then paint the second layer in the same way as the first one.

6. Add a splash of dark green paint to the paint mixture for each layer and mix well.

7. Gradually fill in the areas with darker shades


8. Continue until you come to the final layer

9. For the final layer, wash and dry your paint tray, and fill it with the unmixed, dark green paint. Paint the final layer.


List of tools 

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller
  • Paint tray

List of materials 

  • ERFURT-Vlies-Rauhfaser Viva or another fine texture
  • Paste for the new wallcovering
  • White wall paint and another colour of your choice (preferably not too light)
  • Fleece dust sheet to protect the floor
  • Masking tape to protect the side walls 

Mountain panorama wall design