Increase comfort and save heating costs

ERFURT-KlimaTec Klimavlies KV 600 thermal nonwoven

ERFURT-KlimaTec Klimavlies KV 600 thermal nonwoven thermally decouples the room climate from the solid walls. This means that the walls do not have to be heated before a constant pleasant temperature is reached in the room. As a result, rooms heat up more quickly, the surface temperature increases and comfort improves. The breathable system ensures a pleasant living environment and thus increases the quality of life.

This investment pays for itself by saving heating energy. Apart from this, it also conserves resources and you will therefore be doing something good for the environment.

The product

ERFURT-KlimaTec Klimavlies KV 600 thermal nonwoven is a dual-layer composite material. Its front consists of a cellulose nonwoven material to which wallcoverings can be applied directly. Its rear consists of a low thermal conductivity textile nonwoven material. This dual-layer design thermally decouples the wall surface from the cold external wall.



Comfort level

We all know this scenario: the room thermostat is set to 22 °C, but we still feel uncomfortable. This is because the wall surfaces are too cold. Every material emits heat radiation and we feel this radiation without direct contact.

You can see in this diagram from DIN EN ISO 7730 how our comfort is dependent on the indoor air temperature and wall surface temperature.

Raising the wall surface temperature by 2 °C, allows us to reduce the temperature of the room air by 2 °C and feel just as comfortable.

Reducing the room air temperature by only 1 °C saves around 6% energy.

Heating-up phase

The thermal nonwoven also heats up the room considerably faster.

We have demonstrated a 75% shorter heating-up time in a scientifically backed project.

However, this optimum effect can only be achieved if Klimavlies KV 600 thermal nonwoven is applied to the exterior wall and also to the interior walls.

This shorter heating-up phase pays off especially in rooms that are not constantly heated. ERFURT-KlimaTec Klimavlies KV 600 thermal nonwoven was shown to reduce heating costs by 16% to 18% in the test project.



Heat can be transmitted in three ways.

By thermal conduction or by conduction in solid materials, by thermal convection or convection in gases or liquids, and by thermal radiation in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

ERFURT-KlimaTec Klimavlies KV 600 thermal nonwoven has a low thermal conductivity and acts like a first barrier. The thermal nonwoven material also reflects 80% of the heat radiation that hits it.

This raises the surface temperature by up to 2 °C.

Essentially, thermal nonwoven can be used on every wallpapering job. Offer your customers considerable added value at a reasonable cost.

The Klimavlies thermal nonwoven also helps to cover the texture of the base surface and cover cracks – a benefit for you as a decorator. And so you have less preparatory work.


Improve your quality of life and save heating energy at the same time with  ERFURT-KlimaTec Klimavlies KV 600 thermal nonwoven. The high proportion of recycled fibres conserves resources and thus does our environment some good at the same time. 

The textile nonwoven is made of 50% recycled fibres.
8 recycled PET bottles are given a new lease of life in each square metre.




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