Cassette-style feature wall

Step-by-step instructions

A fantastic eye-catching wall is so easy to create, breathing new life into your home. Give free rein to your creativity and create your new favourite wall in just a few simple steps. 

Our Colour effect guide can help if you have still not decided on your preferred colour. It will help you to find the right colour to match your room and your mood. Find out how to create a base for your design and further helpful hints and ideas here.

1. Begin by using masking tape to mark out the shapes you want on the wall to which a white base coat has been applied. Press the masking tape down firmly to achieve a neat result. Large areas are ideal for creating a cassette look later on.

2. Get your paint ready. The colours we selected in our example are monochrome, that is to say that we have only changed the colour by adding white to it and using colours that complement each another. Of course, you can add your individual touch to the design by choosing a different combination of colours.

3. Now use a roller to paint the individual areas. It looks really good if you alternate dark and lighter colours.

4. Remove the masking tape as soon as you have painted all the areas. Let the wall dry out before the next step. 

5. Finally, use suitable adhesive to apply a wooden or stucco rail where the individual colours meet to create a cassette-like look. You can also choose a width and colour of your choice here. 

HANDY HINT: A finer rail creates especially harmonious results. 

List of tools for this creative technique 

  • Plastic drop sheet
  • Masking tape 
  • Paint roller
  • Paintbrush
  • Suitable adhesive (e.g. polystyrene adhesive, acrylic or silicone)

List of materials

  • Any ERFURT wallcovering
  • A wall paint and white or at least two different wall paints
  • Wooden or stucco rail

Cassette wall