Do-it-yourself? We’ll show you how!

We have put together some handy hints and tips to make wallpapering easier for all DIY enthusiasts, amateur decorators and home-improvement fans, or for anyone keen to start decorating in future.

Perhaps you no longer like your wallpaper, your colour taste has changed, or you simply want to redecorate? We’ll help by answering all your wallpapering questions and providing helpful instructions for wallpapering, painting and renovating.

Smarten up your home yourself. We’ll explain step by step how to achieve the perfect wallpapering result. From room preparation, to pre-treating the base surface and selecting the wallcovering and a good colour match – you’ll find answers to almost all questions here.

There are simply no limits to your imagination and creative freedom: achieve your dream look with bold colours and striking patterns or reserved shades and smooth surfaces – and do so simply and easily with our wide range of paintable wallcoverings. Even novice decorators can achieve perfect results in a short time with little effort. And once the wallcovering has dried, you can easily customise it to your taste with a brush, sponge or roller.

Best of all: when fashion and tastes change, simply re-paint the wallcovering in your new favourite colour – it’s as easy as that.

Still unsure what you would like your new walls to look like? Then let our ERFURT Creative Ideas inspire you!

Woodchip and embossed wallpaper

Vliesfaser nonwoven and Vlies-Rauhfaser nonwoven woodchip wallcoverings


How do I wallpaper a wall with nonwoven or nonwoven woodchip wallpaper?

These brief, step-by-step instructions show you how to confidently put up nonwoven and nonwoven woodchip wallpaper. You’ll be amazed by the result! And the best thing of all – you’ll have done it yourself.



The basics of painting

What do I need to consider when choosing the shade of paint? What are the differences? What tools do I need and how do I paint walls and ceilings to achieve the best results? Our guide provides the answers to these questions! Let our creative ideas inspire you if you are still looking for decorative design ideas.