Energy-saving and safe to use

Don't experiment!

ERFURT-KlimaTec provides the right interior wall system for the most diverse situations. Our KlimaTec products  are easy to use and have no impact on the structure of your building.

All our products are breathable and thus contribute to a healthy living environment.



Increase comfort

with ERFURT-KlimaTec KV 600 thermal nonwoven


Mould remediation

with ERFURT-KlimaTec KP 1000+ / KP 2500+ climate panels


Save heating energy

with ERFURT-KlimaTec IP 2500+ / IP 3500+ interior insulation plates


Saving heat energie

with panel heating ERFURT-KlimaTec FH 300 PRO

Saving energie

The ERFURT-KlimaTec range and the areas of application

With our KlimaTec range, we offer solutions for increasing comfort, mold remediation and saving heating costs. The diagram shows which products of the KlimaTec family can be usefully applied in which places.


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What our customers say

Barbara Hasenclever
End customer, Wuppertal

"We insulated all the walls of my son's playroom with the thermal nonwoven material. It's a fact that we have around 50% lower heating costs in this room compared to my daughter's room where we only insulated the exterior walls."

Dirk Wegener
Master Decorator, Duisburg

"It's often the case with many other products that the panels need to be reworked afterwards. The panels need to be primed, you need to apply fabric webbing, and the panels need to be filled and so on. With KlimaTec, I apply the panel to the wall, there's no major additional work and I can get straight on with the next job."

Sven Brockmann
Master Decorator, Hamburg

"Its ease of use and good thermal insulation are real benefits of KlimaTec. Customers can quickly see this from the samples. It's really important to believe in the product you are selling to your customers."

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