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ERFURT-KlimaTec provides the right interior wall system for the most diverse situations. Our KlimaTec products  are easy to use and have no impact on the structure of your building.

All our products are breathable and thus contribute to a healthy living environment.



The ERFURT-KlimaTec range and its uses

ERFURT’s KlimaTec range increases comfort, helps with mould remediation and saves heating costs.

Our products are easy to use and can be applied to the wall with minimal effort. ERFURT interior insulation and mould remediation panels also feature nonwoven fibreglass on the room side - perfect for plastering or wallpapering over.

What is more, the ERFURT-KlimaTec range also has zero impact on the structure of the building. The breathable and capillary-active insulation plates provide optimum protection against moisture and do not require further testing or proof in compliance with DIN 4108-3. Save energy and promote a healthy indoor climate with ERFURT interior insulation systems.

The diagram shows which KlimaTec products can be appropriately used and where.

Reduce energy consumption with interior insulation

Heating costs make up a large proportion of private households’ expenditure. Poorly insulated houses emit a lot of heat into the outside world.

This loss of energy needs to be compensated for through permanent reheating, which means a huge financial burden on households in times of rising energy prices.

So it makes sense to use your money more wisely and avoid unnecessary heat losses. ERFURT provides modern interior insulation solutions which produce a noticeable effect with comparatively minimal expenditure.

In view of the current price situation, it makes sense to invest in the efficient insulation of exterior walls, ceilings and interior walls now.

Our KlimaTec range gives you cost-effective interior insulation, which improves your energy footprint and relieves pressure on your wallet in the long-term.

Less heating with total home comfort

In many places, people are using less heating and deliberately lowering the room temperature by a few degrees to avoid higher costs. However, this is at the expense of well-being and can also have a negative impact on the indoor climate, for example by promoting the formation of mould.

If you want to reduce your heating costs without sacrificing comfort, you need adequate insulation. ERFURT-KlimaTec supplies a range of different interior insulation products to minimise heat loss to the outside.

Effective insulation keeps the warmth in a room and also helps to heat it up more quickly. This makes you even more flexible when it comes to controlling the temperature of rooms which are only used intermittently.

Versatile interior insulation applications

The ERFURT-KlimaTec range offers solutions for a wide range of applications. Most heating energy is lost through the exterior walls. It therefore makes sense to introduce energy-saving measures to these walls first.

Interior walls can also be optimised to minimise heat loss between rooms at different temperatures. Modern interior wall insulation promotes a healthy indoor climate and makes it possible to save energy, even inside the house.

However, the insulation is most effective if the entire property is involved. The more comprehensive the concept, the better the systems can support each other.

For instance, the combined use of interior insulation and surface heating saves energy relatively simply and effectively and thus also reduces heating costs.

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What our customers say

Barbara Hasenclever
End customer, Wuppertal

"We insulated all the walls of my son's playroom with the thermal nonwoven material. It's a fact that we have around 50% lower heating costs in this room compared to my daughter's room where we only insulated the exterior walls."

Dirk Wegener
Master Decorator, Duisburg

"It's often the case with many other products that the panels need to be reworked afterwards. The panels need to be primed, you need to apply fabric webbing, and the panels need to be filled and so on. With KlimaTec, I apply the panel to the wall, there's no major additional work and I can get straight on with the next job."

Sven Brockmann
Master Decorator, Hamburg

"Its ease of use and good thermal insulation are real benefits of KlimaTec. Customers can quickly see this from the samples. It's really important to believe in the product you are selling to your customers."

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