Step-by-step instructions

Watch out, a real statement wall awaits you! Whether you opt for a bold terracotta red like we did, or chose softer shades – this wall design is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. The imperfect transition between the two colours creates a shabby-chic decorative look, while the rest of the wall stays calm. And the great thing about this design is that there is no need to measure or mask areas, making it perfect for decorating novices. We chose Rauhfaser Avantgarde woodchip for the base surface, but you could use any ERFURT wallcovering for this creative design, as all ERFURT wallcoverings can simply be re-painted several times.

So, what are you waiting for?

All photos by © Florian Bilger Fotodesign.

1. Measure the wall to be wallpapered and transfer the dimensions to the wallpaper.

2. Cut the lengths of woodchip to size.

3. Brush the paste onto the wallpaper and hang it on the wall. Or even more simply, brush the paste onto the wall and place the wallpaper directly into the bed of paste, press it in place, and cut to size. You’re done!

4. Make sure that the edges of the individual lengths lie close enough together without overlapping. Find more information about wallpapering and tutorials here.

5. Then apply primer to the whole wall or just the upper two-thirds.

6. Pour the terracotta red paint into the paint tray. Mask the skirting board or floor with masking tape and decorating film.

7. Now the fun can begin. Start wherever you want: in a corner or in the middle.

8. Paint the lower third to half of the wall in vertical strokes. Make sure that the lower part of the wall is completely covered, but that the stripes end at different heights in the upper part.

9. Finally, finish off the transition area by using the paint roller to paint a few higher stripes. We recommend stepping back from the wall from time to time to see how rough or uneven the result looks.

List of tools for this creative technique

  • Wallpapering tool if wallpaper is to be hung on the wall
  • Paint roller
  • Paint tray

List of materials

  • Paste
  • Woodchip or another ERFURT wallcovering
  • Plastic dust sheet
  • Adhesive tape 
  •  White and terracotta paint or any colours of your choice