Stucco look with wall paint

Step-by-step guide

Doesn’t this just look super-cute? Lend the nursery a homely look with a playful texture thanks to the soft stripes. Combining a strong textured wallcovering with woodchip wallpaper creates a contemporary panel look. You can adapt the relationship of the two wallcoverings to suit your taste. You’ll also find detailed step-by-step instructions for wallpapering on our Handy Hints and Ideas page.

1. First wallpaper the wall and paint it white.

2. Once you have painted the entire wall white and the paint has dried, tape off the join between the different wallcoverings. It is easiest if you run the bottom edge of the tape along the upper edge of the textured wallcovering. Now you can start painting.

3. We start with the pink stripes. To do this, precisely tape the broad stripes in the pattern on the textured wallcovering as vertically as possible. This is particularly simple with the ERFURT-Novaboss 340 wallpaper, as it is easy to stick the tape along the pattern in the wallpaper and so there is no need for measuring or pencilling lines.

4. Then stir the pink paint well and pour it into a paint tray.

5. Use the narrow paint roller to paint the wide stripes pink as evenly as possible. A paintbrush can also be used for tricky areas.

6. Immediately remove the masking tape once the pink paint is slightly dry.

7. Once the pink paint is fully dry, you can prepare the next stripes To do this, precisely tape the narrow stripes in the pattern on the textured wallcovering as vertically as possible.

8. Use the narrow paint roller to paint the masked stripes grey. As a final touch, finish the join between the two wallcoverings with a wooden or stucco rail strip for a perfect result.

HANDY HINT: We decided to leave the very narrow decorative stripes of the wallpaper white. You can adapt this to suit your own taste. Other colour combinations also look great with this wall design: what about black and white stripes or dark grey and blue?

List of tools for this decorative technique

  • Pasting table
  • Paint tray
  • Narrow paint roller
  • Wide paintbrushes

List of materials

  • ERFURT-Novaboss 340 wallpaper and a woodchip texture of your choice
  • Paste
  • Plastic dust sheet
  • Adhesive tape
  • Wooden or stucco rail in white

Stucco look