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HomeOffice magnetic board

Step-by-step guide

This magnetic panel creates a space in which you can get creative and keep an eye on your personal inspirations.

Appointments, sayings or motifs can be painted on with chalk, while postcards, pictures and lists can be stuck on with magnets. And the best thing of all: Rearrange and design everything again and again to suit your mood.


1. First apply a coat of primer to the wall (we opted for mint green). Mix the paint well and using a mixing tray and a roller apply it to the wall.

2. Once the primer has dried, measure the width of the magnetic strip you require. Use a measuring tape to mark the width on the wall every 20 cm. We have chosen a 70 cm-wide strip.

3. Now stick the masking tape in a straight line from top to bottom. Use a spirit level to check your line.

4. Use the magnetic paint first, mixing it well to start with.

5. Pour the magnetic paint into a mixing tray.

6. Now use the roller to apply the magnetic paint as evenly as possible.

7. Remove the masking tape before the paint is completely dry to leave clean edges.

8. Mask the edge of the area to be painted with the magnetic paint as accurately as possible.

9. Mix the blackboard paint well and pour into a clean mixing tray.

10. Then apply another coat of blackboard paint to the strip on the wall.

11. Finally, allow the magnetic board to dry out completely and then design and decorate it to your taste.

Handy hint: It is so easy to position the strip along one edge of a wall. If you want it in the centre of the room, then we recommend measuring the distances very accurately from a corner of the room, or using a DIY cross-hair laser to ensure that the strip is actually completely straight.

List of tools for this decorative technique

  • Possibly a pasting table 
  • Plastic dust sheet 
  • Masking tape 
  • Brush 
  • Paint roller 
  • Yardstick 
  • Spirit level 

List of materials

  • Any ERFURT wallcoverings ERFURT 
  • Mint green or any other colour of paint
  • Magnetic wall paint
  • Blackboard paint / Chalk paint
  • Paste 

HomeOffice magnetic board