Wallpapers at a glance

Wallpaper is not just wallpaper!

You want to wallpaper but don't know which wallpaper suits you best?
Whether woodchip wallpaper, non-woven or photo wallpaper - they all differ in materials, properties and possible applications. We at ERFURT have therefore created an overview for you to help you find the right wallpaper for your home:


The classic among wallpapers! The versatility of woodchip wallpaper opens up a wealth of creative wall design possibilities. Paper and wood fibre textures ranging from fine to coarse compensate for cracks and uneven walls, producing an even result.




Embossed nonwoven wallpaper

Make an impression! The extra deep embossing gives the wall a special style. The structures can be optimally combined with other designs to create an individual wall design. Like the smooth non-woven wallpaper, the embossed non-woven wallpaper is made of particularly robust and tear-resistant material and is therefore not only stylish but also light in design.


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