A rainbow in the nursery

Are you still looking for a perfect wall decoration for your nursery or playroom? This colourful rainbow is ideal for both girls and boys and adds a special flair to the wall! The rainbow can be positioned on a blank wall as well as above a cot, desk or play area. You can individually adapt the colours and size, giving you plenty of creative leeway.

1. Measure the wall to be wallpapered and transfer the dimensions to the wallpaper. Cut it to size.

2. Apply the paste to the wallpaper and hang the wallcovering on the wall. Make sure that the edges are close enough together without overlapping. 

3. Then prime the wall white.

4. The wide masking tape is used as a spacer strip. The coloured arcs of the rainbow will be this wide. Use a spirit level and the wide and narrow masking tape to section off four strips of each on either side of the rainbow.

5. Now peel off the wide masking tape, which was acting as a spacer strip. Then use a spirit level to draw a straight line across the top of the strips of masking tape. Use a Stanley knife to cut off the excess masking tape along this line.

6. Measure the centre of the rainbow along the top of the straight lines and insert a drawing pin. Tie a thread around the drawing pin and wrap the other end around a pencil. Use this home-made compass to draw the curved arcs of the rainbow.

7. Use masking tape for the curved arc of the rainbow as well. You have now masked the exact shape of the rainbow on the wall. You can adjust the shape of the rainbow at this point if you are unhappy with its size or position.

8. To get perfect edges, brush over the edges of the rainbow with the wall paint colour and allow to dry thoroughly.

9. Now use a small paint roller to paint the first stripe in mint green.

10. Then paint the next stripe.

11. Continue until you have painted all the stripes.

12. Allow the rainbow to dry slightly and carefully peel off the masking tape.

List of tools for this creative technique

  • Pasting table
  • Paintbrush
  • Small and large paint roller
  • Pencil

List of materials

  • Rauhfaser Avantgarde
  • Paste
  • Plastic dust sheet
  • Adhesive tape
  • Wall paint in white, red, yellow, petrol and light blue
  • 10 cm and 3 cm wide masking tape
  • String
  • Drawing pin