Join the dots

Step-by-step instruction

This idea is a veritable ‘spot landing’!    

And it couldn’t be simpler: use different sponges to dab on the dots, however you wish, without the need for a template!  The real charm of the image comes from its irregularity. And you can even experiment with different colours of dots if you want to brighten things up. What about circles in different shades of pink or blue? First apply ERFURT-Vliesfaser MAXX Fieno to the wall. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions for this at Other finely textured nonwoven wallpaper or nonwoven woodchip wallcoverings are also ideal as the background for this creative “dotty” design.

And now unleash your creativity!

HANDY HINT: If you don’t feel confident enough about freehand ‘dabbing’, you can also attach a thread to a drawing pin in the centre of your circles. The thread can be used rather like a pair of compasses to draw perfectly round circles.

And if you no longer like your wall design or it has not succeeded visually as well as you had hoped? Not a problem – simply paint over it again! All our wallcoverings can be re-painted several times and are therefore wonderfully versatile and adaptable.


List of tools

List of materials

1. Stir the white wall paint well.

2. Dip the paint roller into the paint until it is covered in paint. Scrape off any excess paint on the paint grid.

3. Now evenly undercoat the wall white.

4. Carefully dip the sponge into the paint and dab it gently.

5. Now dab the spots on the wall. Before starting, consider where the central point of the concentric circles should be.

6. Work in circular movements away from the central point.

7. Gradually create a circle of dots. Use the brush and different sized sponges to achieve the effect you are after. You can achieve a really creative effect by randomly dabbing on different sized dots.

8. You can even use the handle of the sponge brush to apply very small dots.

9. Then continue with the next circle until you have dabbed all the circles on the wall.


List of tools

  • Ladder
  • Paint roller
  • Paint tray
  • Sponge brush
  • Different sized sponges

List of materials

  • ERFURT-Vliesfaser MAXX Fieno or another textured wallcovering
  • Paste for the new wallcovering
  • White and dark grey wall paint

Wall design Join the Dots