Magical interplay of light with home-made hurricane lamps

Step-by-step instruction

Whether for a romantic dinner on the table, socialising with friends on the balcony and terrace or for an evening picnic: these storm lamps look good wherever you use them. They are also ideal as a gift for a host.

There is also no risk of a fire, thanks to the tea light glasses on the inside, so you can lie back, relax and enjoy the candlelight. Particularly lovely: the light shining through the cuts casts a pretty light show on the surroundings.

And with a small section of new wallpaper and some creativity, you can easily create another look and swap around the storm lamps to fit in with themed evenings.

HANDY HINT: If you don't trust yourself to make the cuts free-hand, you can, of course, draw everything in advance with a pencil (preferably on the back, then you won't see it later).


List of tools

List of materials

1. Measure the glasses and cut the wallpaper accordingly. Follow the curve of the roll of wallpaper so that the sections will automatically roll into each other later.

2. Place the first section of wallcovering on the cutting pad. Then make the cuts freehand to create the papercut image.

3. Carefully bend the petal upwards after each cut to create the beautiful 3D effect.

4. Make the flowers bigger or smaller, with more or fewer petals, depending on the effect you wish to create. We created the large storm lamp with symmetrical petals and the smaller one with asymmetrical petals. It is very easy to do once you have understood the basic principle.

5. Make sure that the cuts do not cross each other, but that each cut is stand-alone. Otherwise, you may accidentally cut out a flower.

6. Finally, glue the roll and place it over a tea light glass with a tea light.

List of tools 

  • Cutting page
  • Stanley knife or scalpel
  • Tea light glasses
  • Template, if necessary
  • Pencil, if necessary

List of materials

  • ERFURT-Vliesfaser MAXX Spot or another textured wallcovering
  • Adhesive tape
  • Tea lights