Naturally efficient and energy-saving

Cold walls? Heating costs going through the roof? It doesn’t have to be like this! Come home, turn up the heating and the apartment is comfortably warm after a short time! Not a problem with ERFURT-KlimaTec. KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven wallcoverings form a dividing layer between the cold masonry and the temperature in the room. They reflect the thermal energy and efficiently use the heating energy to heat the room air. You’ll reach your comfort temperature in the shortest time.

Applying ERFURT-KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven to every wall surface creates an energy-saving base surface for pasting and wallpaper in a few easy steps. We recommend applying ERFURT-KlimaTec Thermovlies Premium thermal nonwoven to every solid wall in a room and ERFURT-KlimaTec Basic to interior walls separating different rooms to achieve maximum energy savings. ERFURT-KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven wallcoverings can be applied to all solid smooth or textured base surfaces (including all woodchip textures. KlimaTec works best of all if you adhere to the 4 + 1 principle, that is to say apply KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven to all solid walls and the ceiling.


Your comfort temperature in a short time

ERFURT-KlimaTec Thermovlies Premium thermal nonwoven enables a room to reach its comfort temperature after only 35 minutes.

Comfort guaranteed

ERFURT-KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven also raises the temperature that people perceive in a room. It creates “smart walls” that tangibly speed up the heating and cooling of indoor spaces, guaranteeing a comfort temperature all year round.

A ‘decoupled’ wall surface with ERFURT-KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven and a wallcovering

Interior walls and ceilings to which ERFURT KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven has been applied radiate the thermal energy back into the room, ensuring that the maximum amount of heat is available to heat up the room air. Rooms thus become warmer more quickly with reduced energy consumption. 

Video: Functional principle of KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven

Save energy simply

• Extremely fast heating up of cold rooms
• Reflects and retains heat
• Quickly and efficiently creates comfortable warmth

• Durable, flexible wallcovering
• Covers cracks
• Perfect base surface for wallpaper

• Prevents mould by raising the surface temperature of the wall
• Breathable

Calculate the potential savings

What level of potential energy savings does ERFURT-KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven offer? It’s simple and easy to calculate.

Energy-saving calculator