Step 1 – Version 1 – Cut off the last length just before the corner 

  • We recommend cutting the last length if it is significantly wider than the distance to the corner. Measure the distance to the corner and add on 2-3 cm. Cut an entire length of wallcovering to this width
  • Ideally, you should use scissors for this. Or use a wallpapering palette knife, press it down firmly on the length and use a Stanley knife to cut along the fold

Step 1 – Version 2 – Apply a length of wallpaper into the corner 

  • If the length is wide enough to reach the corner, then apply it to the wall, just like the previous lengths
  • Use a wallpapering palette knife to press it firmly into the corner

Step 2 – Version 2 – Cut off the length of wallpaper in the corner

  • Using a sharp Stanley knife, cut along the wallpapering palette knife exactly in the corner

Step 3 – Apply the next length working from the corner  

  • If the corner is perfectly straight, you can position the next length exactly in the corner and continue working along the wall
  • If the corner is not 100 % straight, allow an excess of 2-3 cm in the corner and press firmly in place, as described in step 2, then use a Stanley knife to cut off the excess

    Handy hint: If the corner is not completely straight, we recommend drawing a new plumb line and hanging the wallcovering from that line to ensure that the next lengths remain straight

Step 4 – Apply the remaining lengths