Wallpapering outside corners with woodchip and paper wallcoverings

Step-by-step instruction

Have you come to an outside corner? Don’t despair. The following step-by-step instructions will guarantee perfect results

Version 1 - Straight outside corner

Step 1 - Wallpaper the corner as you go

  • If the corner is nice and straight (use a spirit level to check), wallpaper at least 10 cm around the corner. Press down firmly to prevent air from forming in the corner

Step 2 - Apply the remaining lengths

  • Continue applying the next lengths, one by one and edge to edge

Version 2 - The outside corner is not straight

Step 1 - Apply the lengths and cut at the corner

  • Adjust the length, as usual, edge to edge with the previous length, apply it around the corner and press firmly in place. Now pull back a section again up to the corner. Using sharp scissors, cut the wallcovering along the corner working upwards

    Handy hint: If you trust yourself, use a wallpapering knife to "slice" through the woodchip wallpaper from top to bottom. This will create a better visual result.

Step 2 – Apply the next length from the corner outwards

  • Do not use the remaining piece of wallcovering. Use a new length! Check that it is plumb, remove 2-3cm, wallpaper as far as the corner and use scissors to cut off the excess again
  • Position precisely adjacent to the other wallcovering length and continue working as normal
  • Rub a little paste into the corner

    Handy hint: Either use your finger or a small piece of wallpaper to do this. Simply apply a little paste and spread it along the corner. It will no longer be visible once the wall has been painted

Step 3 – Apply the remaining lengths

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