Wallpapering around light switches or plug sockets with woodchip or paper wallcoverings

Step-by-step guide

Ready for the finishing touches? Even wallpapering around plug sockets and light switches is simple and easy with the following steps

Step 1 – Switch off the power

  • Turn off the corresponding fuse switch in the fuse box

Handy hint: In addition to turning off the fuse switch, use a current/voltage multimeter to test whether the power is really off

Step 2 – Remove the light switch and plug socket covers

  • Use the multimeter to loosen the screws of the covers and remove the covers

Step 3 – Apply the length of wallpaper over switches and plug sockets

  • Apply the length of wallcovering to the wall in the same way as for the previous lengths. Simply wallpaper over light switch and plug socket recesses
  • Use sharp scissors to cut out the openings. Make sure that you do not cut out too big an opening to ensure that the cover later sits fully over the woodchip or paper wallcovering

Step 4 – Replace the covers

  • Replace the cover once the woodchip or paper wallcovering has dried and been painted

Important note! Only now reconnect the power