Wallpapering around light switches or plug sockets with nonwoven wallpaper

Step-by-step instruction

Last but not least: Follow the steps below to easily wallpaper around plug sockets and light switches

Step 1 –Switch off the power  

  • Turn off the fuse switch for the room in the fuse box

Handy hint: In addition to turning off the fuse switch, use a current/voltage multimeter to test whether the power is really off

Step 2 – Remove the light switch and plug socket covers

  • Use the multimeter to loosen the screws of the covers and remove the covers

Step 3 – Apply the length of wallpaper over switches and plug sockets

  • Apply the length of wallcovering to the wall in the same way as for the previous lengths. Simply wallpaper over light switch and plug socket recesses and use a sharp Stanley knife to cut out the openings. 
  • Do not cut too large an opening as the cover should subsequently sit fully on the nonwoven wallpaper

Step 4 – Replace the covers 

  • Replace the cover once the wallcovering has dried and been painted

Important note! Only now reconnect the power