KlimaTec SR 6
The System Adhesive

KlimaTec SR 6

The System Adhesive

The mineral-based system adhesive ERFURT-KlimaTec SR 6 is used for the Interior Insulation Plates IP 2500+ / IP 3500+, the Climate Panels KP 1000+ / KP 2500+, the Soffit Panel LP 1000+ and the Insulating Wedge DK 2 for full-surface bonding.

The benefits at a glance:

  • For use indoors
  • Fills cracks and adheres extremely well
  • Simple, quick and clean to use
  • Optimum adhesion to the base surface
  • Easy and smooth to apply with a toothed trowel
  • No addition of heavy metal compounds and formaldehyde

More information

> KlimaTec brochure

> Technical Data Sheet and Instructions for Use<br/> > Material Safety Data Sheet<br/> > Declaration of Performance<br/> > KlimaTec Video<br/> <br/>  <br/> Available from all good wholesalers