ERFURT-JuicyWalls Century Walls

“Century Walls” – this is the name of the systematically enhanced and creatively evolved range of digitally printed wallcoverings. The brand-new ERFURT-JuicyWalls PRO “Collection 4” takes up today’s hot issue of sustainability, providing images categorised into four in-house produced trend families. The concept behind “Century Walls”: Every image can be presented in three image levels: in a selected material texture, a graphic or photo design and a colour. We offer designers, users and customers complete freedom when it comes to interior design.

“Natural & sustainable”“floral & ornamental”“vintage & used” and “graphic & colourful” are the four trend families, the material and style of which is reflected in the images. We developed the extraordinary images for the new JuicyWalls PRO Collection in a joint trend scouting process with internal and external designers.