EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. An EPD describes the environmental impact of building materials, products or components with regard to life cycle assessment and functional and technical qualities. This quantitative, objective and verified information relates to the entire life cycle of the construction product. EPDs therefore represent an important basis for the sustainability assessment of buildings. In addition to eco audits, certificates, seals and awards, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) prove the sustainability of ERFURT products. This voluntary proof of the ecological footprint of our products provides information about the use of energy and resources. It is also an indicator of the extent to which a product potentially contributes to global warming, acidification, over-fertilisation, destruction of the ozone layer and smog. In addition, it provides information on the properties needed to assess the environmental performance of a product within a building, including its lifetime, thermal insulation and soundproofing, or its impact on the quality of the indoor air. In this respect, ERFURT products perform above-average compared to the market.

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