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Healthy woodchip, free from all harmful materials, is the product of choice when it comes to nest-building.

You’ve got an ultrasound photo in your bag, your hand on your bump and tiny babygrows in the drawer – it can only mean one thing: hurray, we're having a baby! Parents’ joyful anticipation grows during the latter weeks of a pregnancy in particular, but so does their impatience! What will the little bundle look like? And when will they finally arrive?

A popular and useful way to pass the time during this phase is to design a cosy nursery for the new arrival. But what do we need to look out for when building a nest? Our priority has to be the health and safety of our new family member. So we give a wide berth around toys, furniture and building materials that could emit possible harmful vapours. The design of large wall and ceiling surfaces, in particular, can have an impact on the air quality. Opting for Erfurt-Rauhfaser creates the optimum foundation for a health environment in the nursery: the tried-and-tested wallcovering is proven to be free of plasticisers, PVC and solvents. The independent ‘Blue Angel’ environmental quality seal, which woodchip has carried since 1985, gives parent a feeling of safety and designates the product as a healthy natural product that has been produced in a resource-conserving manner. A further bonus: it is a breathable and moisture-regulating wallcovering – and also proven to be suitable for allergy-sufferers. In this way, we can create a pollutant-free atmosphere for our new arrival from the very start.

But it’s not just the environmental benefits, this classic wallcovering is also the product of choice because it gives your creativity free rein: Once applied to the walls and ceiling, the wallcovering, which comes in a wide range of surface textures, can be painted in a colour of your choice. We are opting for gentle but bright colours for our baby that will have a calming effect. But it’s not a problem if your child later decides that they want a bolder colour – the Erfurt wallcovering can simply be re-painted several times with ease. Another sustainability bonus! Woodchip: simply an all-round good decision for nest-building!

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The healthy wow-factor: we are creating a wonderful environment for our baby with products such as Erfurt woodchip wallcoverings, which are free from all harmful materials. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

A cosy room and healthy walls: Give your child the best environment with Erfurt-Rauhfaser. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Healthy and child-friendly – the two simply go together with classic woodchip wallcoverings. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings/Florian Bilger Fotodesign)

Nest-building with woodchip: You can have fun with a clear conscience in terms of sustainability. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Cuddle-time? Perfect cuddles in a nursery with woodchip on the walls and ceiling. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

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