Wall you need is love!

High-quality, digitally printed wallcoverings capture images, art and emotion on the wall.

Images, works of art, photographs: they tell stories, become imprinted on your mind, awaken memories or longing. It is with good reason that we talk about "the power of images", as their impact is often greater than words alone.

But the images that move us are as varied as we are ourselves – and the way we engage with them is just as individual. Apart from keeping photos in our purse or wallet, having our pet as our smartphone background, or sharing holiday photos on social media, our homes are actually the perfect place to surround ourselves with our favourite images.

Their impact is literally huge when we hang XXL photos on the wall – ideally as razor-sharp, digitally printed wallcoverings. And this is where Erfurt's wallcovering experts come into their own. Not only do they capture our own snapshots on wallpaper, but also have their own huge, brand-new, extended collection of countless images that are capable of creating impressive style worlds style in our own homes.

Feeling like you're on safari in your bedroom? Three-dimensional brick walls? Graffiti in the hallway or dream-like images in your children's bedroom? There are no limits to what you can wish for. And there's more: If you really want to get creative, you don't need to stick to pure digital printing on high-grade nonwoven wallcoverings. Erfurt allows you to customize amazing statement walls, overlay coloured filters over images, or focus on certain sections of an image to create a unique and very personal living environment. And this is now even possible in your bathroom! Thanks to a well-thought-out wet room system, digitally printed wallcoverings can now even be hung directly in the wet areas of showers, baths, sinks etc.

Whichever room needs an on-trend update, simply get in touch with your local decorator: they will be able to offer professional advice on the selection, image configuration, and application of Erfurt digitally printed wallcoverings. Find out more about our new trendy walls here.


Feeling like you're on safari in your bedroom? Razor-sharp, digitally printed Erfurt wallcoverings capture breathtaking holiday memories on the wall.

Metropolitan style: this snapshot of a city at night totally grabs attention even when dining.

Sweet dreams – and sweeter still with this fantastic wallpaper motif for your children's bedroom.

Thanks to the photorealistic printing, the wall looks like roaring surf, and it can actually get wet. The new Erfurt Wet Room System means that digitally printed wallcoverings are waterproof and so can now be hung in wet rooms.

Masonry is so yesterday: Erfurt’s digitally printed wallcoverings create the impression of a real, three-dimensional brick wall in no time at all.

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