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Healthy and sustainable without airs and graces: Variovlies is the "superstar" for smooth walls

"Smooth makes you happy" is the mantra of many builders and decorators when it comes to wall design. Flat surfaces look sophisticated and are totally en vogue. There are various ways of achieving this look – using plaster or flat nonwoven wallcoverings. The latter are much easier to handle, create a cosy atmosphere, protect the wall from stains, and also cover settlement cracks.

The wallpaper specialist Erfurt & Sohn supplies a wide range of high-quality, expressive flat nonwoven wallcoverings for every requirement in its Variovlies nonwoven range. And what's more, the original condition of the wall is retained, so that the wallpaper can be easily removed again when you come to redecorate. There is no need for extensive sanding of the wall, as is often the case with plaster. All flat nonwoven wallcoverings are breathable and moisture-regulating, free of PVC and plasticisers, and are based on natural materials.

You can tell at a glance which nonwoven is the right one for your design project: the performance benefits and special features are clearly stated on the packaging. The Eco Green version, for instance, is clearly labelled as an ecological flat nonwoven, is 100% made of sustainable and recycled fibres, and is CO2-neutral by offsetting. Variovlies Flat Premium boasts a high surface weight and is therefore ultra-stable, for outstanding coverage of the base surface. There is no need to call in a professional to achieve a result that meets even the most exacting requirements: you can do it yourself, as it is so easy to use. Simply cut the lengths to size and hang them using the paste-the-wall technique – you'll create an amazing look length by length. Once dry, fine tune your design with a brush and roller – give free rein to your creativity when it comes to colour and pattern. And even filling or plastering is easy to do. Apart from their look and ease of use, Erfurt Variovlies nonwoven wallcoverings have many other tangible benefits: they can be re-painted several times and so are versatile to use, but they are also very sustainable as the are durable enough to be used for many years to come. And last, but not least: you will save time and money by opting for flat nonwoven – without compromising on quality.

[Translate to English:] Glatte Wände liegen im Trend und geben Räumen einen edlen Look. Mit Variovlies von Erfurt lassen sich im Handumdrehen persönliche Wunschwände realisieren. (Foto: Erfurt Tapeten)

[Translate to English:] Minimalistisch und modern: Eine homogene Wandfläche wirkt zeitlos und lässt sich mit Farbe ganz individuell gestalten. (Foto: Erfurt Tapeten)

[Translate to English:] Ton in Ton für ein harmonisches Gesamtbild: Das Zellulose-Vlies mit fein strukturierter Oberfläche ist einfach zu verarbeiten und überzeugend in der Wirkung. (Foto: Erfurt Tapeten)

[Translate to English:] Für eine Wand mit Wirkung: Variovlies von Erfurt ist eine optimale Alternative zur „nackten“ Wand – es verbessert das Raumklima und ist frei von PVC sowie Weichmachern. (Foto: Erfurt Tapeten)

[Translate to English:] Das Abschleifen von verputzten Wänden ist mit viel Aufwand und Schmutz verbunden. Bei Tapeten dagegen bleibt der ursprüngliche Zustand der Wand erhalten und lässt sich im Renovierungsfall leicht neu gestalten. (Foto: Erfurt Tapeten)

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