My wall, my creative project

Inspiring wall design ideas for home offices and children's bedrooms and playrooms

Beautify walls, delineate separate areas of a room and, at the same time, improve your indoor climate? You can do it all at once with the right wallcovering! Buzz word: working from home. If you don’t have a separate room in which to work, a small area with a different look – say in your bedroom – might help to flick the “inner switch” between work and leisure time. Erfurt woodchip paper can be re-painted several times – where it is hung. All you need is a brush, paint and a bright idea. How about contrasting warm areas of colour or shapes, like triangles or circles? Simply make a template or use masking tape to delineate the height and width you want and fill in the shape using a brush or roller. The paint colour can be matched to the interior design or deliberately stand out from it; a cleverly selected colour can even boost your concentration! Or would you prefer a smoother look? Erfurt flat nonwoven wallpapers combine wide-ranging designs with easy to handling. Breathable and moisture-regulating, it is ideal for children's bedrooms and playrooms, among other places. Our little ones simply love a cheerful and colourful design. But too much of a good thing can cause restlessness. It is much better to create feature walls to prevent the room from becoming too chaotic. How about adding a colourfully painted train, books or toys to a wall? Simply transfer the template to the wallcovering and paint it in the colours of your choice. This enables parents to create a child-friendly and healthy paradise for their little ones.

Check out the step-by-step instructions and other great inspirational ideas here.


Creative ideas lend individuality to spaces with minimal effort. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings/Florian Bilger Fotodesign)

Easily combine a healthy home with decorative effects using Erfurt wallcoverings. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings/Florian Bilger Fotodesign)

We recommend a change of colour to visually delineate your workplace from the rest of the room. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings/Florian Bilger Fotodesign)

Tools such as stencils give DIY enthusiasts the confidence to unleash their creativity. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings/Florian Bilger Fotodesign)

Creative ideas lend individuality to spaces with minimal effort. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings/Florian Bilger Fotodesign)

Give your passion and creativity free rein by tackling the design yourself. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings/Florian Bilger Fotodesign)

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