Good insulation means real savings!

Interior wall systems reduce energy costs and increase comfort

Gas shortages on the horizon? Rising energy prices? If you’re smart, you’ll use the summer to get your own home in shape for the winter. A useful tip: effective interior insulation can save loads of energy and hard cash into the bargain!

Poorly insulated cold walls are often to blame for cold homes in winter and a lot of additional heating energy needs to be used to heat homes. Erfurt & Sohn’s KlimaTec energy-saving interior wall system offers a simple and cost-effective solution to this problem. It works on the principle of the thermal decoupling of internal and external walls: a thermal nonwoven material applied to the interior surface of the wall increases the internal surface temperature by up to two degrees Celsius, without the need to heat up the masonry behind it. The time needed to heat up a room is thus reduced by up to 75 percent – coupled with energy savings of up to 22 percent! Another benefit of KlimaTec: the higher wall temperature means that less moisture condenses on the surface, effectively preventing the formation of mould. The thermal nonwoven can be applied with ease – and all popular breathable wallcoverings can then be adhered on top and painted if required.

Simply contact a decorator for advice if you don’t feel able to apply it yourself or want to save even more with an interior insulation system. More at

Thermal nonwoven was applied to the wall with Vliesfaser MAXX Panto wallpaper on top. The nonwoven material enables the room air to be heated up significantly more quickly, reducing heating costs in the long term, but also having a positive effect on comfort levels in the home. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings)

As the surfaces of the walls are noticeably warmed by the thermal nonwoven, less moisture accumulates and the formation of mould is preventatively hampered. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings)

The nonwoven material is made of 50% recycled fibres. This high proportion of recycled fibres conserves resources, thus helping the environment at the same time. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings)

Worried about the next heating bill? Not any more! Relax throughout the colder months of the year with good interior insulation. (Photo: epr/Erfurt wallcoverings)