From wet room to wellness area

Apply it yourself, design it yourself: paintable wallcoverings are a clever and healthy solution for your dream bathroom

Supply shortages and sharply rising prices are increasingly having an impact on the construction industry as well as on builders and decorators. Added to this are the long waiting times for tradespeople. So it's worth considering alternative materials and ways of working. For instance, using wallcoverings instead of tiles in bathrooms is both visually pleasing and also practical: they offer greater freedom of design, you can apply them yourself, and they are also healthy. However, there are a few key points you need to consider to ensure that you continue to be happy with the result for many years to come. The wallpaper specialist Erfurt & Sohn explains what you need to consider when selecting and applying wallcoverings.

New build or renovation: Wallpaper as a clever alternative

Wallcoverings have been used in bathrooms for decades, although nowadays we use healthy and breathable products. Whereas walls used to be "sealed watertight" with vinyl wallpaper, lacquered and plastic wallpaper, nonwoven-based wallcoverings are now the products of choice. All Erfurt flat nonwoven wallcoverings, Erfurt nonwoven woodchip or Erfurt textured nonwoven wallcoverings absorb moisture and release it back into the dry room air. This prevents condensation forming on tiles or even running down them in very humid conditions. To improve the indoor climate. They are also harmless to health, as they are free of PVC and plasticisers. A further benefit of nonwoven wallcoverings is that they do not expand or swell when exposed to moisture – depending on the adhesive used. So there are a number of benefits to using wallcoverings in new buildings and in the refurbishment of existing bathrooms. Builders are turning to wallcoverings to overcome delays in the delivery of materials, such as tiles, and difficulties in scheduling tradespeople, as they can apply the practical wallcovering on their own. Nonwoven wallcoverings are also a good choice for renovation companies: they can visually upgrade bathrooms with comparatively little effort. And if the existing wallcovering contains PVC or plasticisers, then the new wallcovering will also help to improve the 'health' of the home. An important consideration: if mould is the reason for the renovation, it is crucial to get to the root of the cause and eliminate it before refurbishing. Erfurt's experienced application engineers will be glad to help with advice and assistance.

More then just a washroom: Bathrooms as a wellness zone

Bathrooms are no longer considered as merely functional rooms: increasingly they are regarded as your very own spa and wellness retreat. This is also reflected in their design: a mix of materials is very much on-trend, rather than stark cold tiles from floor to ceiling. This creates a more comfortable ambience in line with your personal style. Paintable wallcoverings are growing in importance as the perfect base surface for individual wall design. Erfurt & Sohn supplies a wide range of flat nonwoven, nonwoven woodchip, and textured nonwoven wallcoverings guaranteed to satisfy even the most exacting requirements. Bold colours, pastel shades or patterns – anything goes! Simply grab a brush and roller and create your own dream bathroom in next to no time! We recommend the use of breathable emulsion paints or silicate emulsion paints for bathrooms. Vapour permeability and thus a positive indoor climate is guaranteed, especially with silicate emulsion paints: the paint works rather like a filter bag – it lets just enough water vapour through its pores. By contrast, varnishes, lacquers or other sealing coatings completely seal the surface and are therefore only suitable to a limited extent for use in bathrooms.

Do-it-yourself – properly!

A major advantage of Erfurt's paintable, nonwoven-based wallcoverings is their ease of use. Simply paste one length at a time and hang it on the wall, or use the paint-the-wall technique. Make sure that the base surface is dry, firm, slightly absorbent and sufficiently level for the subsequent wallcovering. The use of high-quality nonwoven adhesive is essential in bathrooms, as it adheres much better in moist areas, thanks to its greater wet strength. But pay special attention to the manufacturer's instructions regarding this. Tiles have proved themselves in areas directly exposed to spray, but wallcoverings specially designed for this purpose can also be used here. It is essential that you check with an expert whether the use of a wallcovering is possible and how to apply it. Ventilation is also crucial in bathrooms to ensure that you enjoy your do-it-yourself design for many years to come. Ideally, any moisture needs to be released outside through a wide open bathroom window. Avoid lengthy ventilation through a tilted window in autumn and winter as this will cause the window reveal to massively cool down, causing condensation and the risk of mould growth. In bathrooms without windows, we recommend regularly checking the extraction system and opening the door wide to allow the water vapour to escape. 

Healthy, customisable and ideal to do-it-yourself – paintable wallcoverings in bathrooms are a practical alternative with tangible benefits. Find information on the wide range of Erfurt wallcoverings and Handy Hints and Ideas for wallpapering here.  

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