Farewell tiles, hello wallpaper!

A special Wet Room System now enables digitally printed wallcoverings to be used in wet rooms

Whereas in the past we paid little attention to the design and layout of boring bathrooms, our own private wet rooms have become real lifestyle statements. They are now restful oases in which we relax, linger awhile, and celebrate peace and quiet. That is why we need a coherent and attractive interior design as well as outstanding comfort. Digitally printed wallcoverings are especially popular because their countless images satisfy even the most discerning style requirements.

However, we rarely find them in the direct wet areas of showers, pools and washrooms etc., as the high air humidity and splashing water limit their use. But that is now a thing of the past. With the JuicyWalls Wet Room System, developed by professional wallcovering manufacturer Erfurt & Sohn, we can now use digitally printed wallcoverings in wet rooms - a stylish alternative to tiles. Showering in the middle of the jungle? Bathing in front of a full-height underwater world? Or washing in front of a mystical cloud forest? Whichever image we choose, the Wet Room System creates visual spaces designed to suit our discerning personal style and taste. The local decorating company helps us with the design and realisation: we first discuss the choice of image with them – they can use their own image files or high-resolution images from the massive Erfurt database. Once our chosen image has been digitally printed in razor-sharp quality onto the Erfurt nonwoven carrier material, the decorator them hangs it the wall in a waterproof manner, sealing our new statement wall. And the best thing of all: The components of the Wet Room System are designed to protect the wall from moisture ingress, while providing a dimensionally stable, washable and UV-resistant finish.

You’re guaranteed to enjoy your oasis of well-being for many years to come with this waterproof statement wall! 


Finally a stylish alternative to tiles: Customers can now incorporate digitally printed wallcoverings into areas exposed to splashing water with the JuicyWalls Wet Room System, developed by the professional wallcovering manufacturer Erfurt & Sohn. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The coherent look of the seamless digitally printed wallcovering cannot fail to impress in this pool area. Thanks to the Wet Room System, the users also benefit from waterproof, dimensionally stable, and washable wall surfaces. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Showering in the middle of the jungle? Not a problem: The new Erfurt-JuicyWalls Wet Room System will create the perfect visual space you have always dreamed of. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The local decorating company helps with the design and realisation: we first decide on the digitally printed image on the wallcovering before they hang it water-tight on the wall and then seal it. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

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