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What test marks, certificates and environmental labelling say about products

Wuppertal, January 2022 – (fpr) Environmentally-friendly? Healthy? Sustainable? When you are facing a renovation, test marks and certificates can provide valuable decision-making assistance when selecting products. However, for many consumers it can be tricky to find their way through the ‘certification jungle’ and assessing whether labelling really means what it promises is no mean feat. Dr. Christian Bockelmann, expert in occupational safety and environmental representative at Erfurt & Sohn, explains what it comes down to.

1. What test marks and certificates are available?

There is a large number of awards in various product categories. Naming all of them would exceed the space available here. Where environmental labelling is concerned, the ‘Blue Angel’ is the most common in Germany. As the environmental label of the Federal Republic of Germany, it has proven to be the guideline for environmentally-friendly products for over 40 years. The test marks ‘Stiftung Warentest’ and ‘Ökotest’ are also very well known. Products to be tested are purchased anonymously in shops, inspected by an independent test institute and then awarded accordingly - all without the manufacturer’s knowledge. Products with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Label are also considered harmless to health; this label belongs to the textiles tested for harmful substances which are most widely known globally. Today, it can even be found on products for wall coverings, in particular among nonwoven wallpapers.

2. How is a product awarded a test label?

As a manufacturer, you sell a product which you are convinced is better than comparable products in a certain category. Where sustainability is concerned, this means the use of special raw materials, high use of recycled materials or minimal use of energy and water resources during production. If the product is particularly well established in these respects, the manufacturer can select the appropriate awarding body or certifier and submit it for testing according to the award criteria. If the product fulfils the requirements, the award is given and can be attached to the product by the manufacturer according to the usage guidelines. Generally, the award criteria often require extensive knowledge about the numerous chemical or physical parameters of products, in order to be able to confirm, for example, if a product is really ‘environmentally-friendly’. It is therefore important for consumers to be able to rely on serious, independent test institutes.

3. Which test labels has Erfurt & Sohn been awarded?

At Erfurt & Sohn, environmental protection in particular is an important component of the company philosophy. The fact that the ecological awareness of all employees is also reflected in the products is demonstrated by the numerous certificates Erfurt & Sohn has been awarded for its range, such as the ‘Blue Angel’. This eco-label requires independent, demanding standards for environmentally-friendly products and services, which is also supported by the awarding body - the German Environment Agency - as a serious institution. The fact that the topic of sustainability is in the foreground in the Erfurt company is also proven by the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). They describe the environmental impact of building materials, products or components with regard to life cycle assessment and functional and technical qualities. The OEKO-TEX® Label, which Erfurt & Sohn also holds, is one of several labels which stands specifically for healthy living. It guarantees that all components have been tested for harmful substances and that the product is therefore safe in terms of its human ecology. The test labels from TÜV NORD, which Erfurt & Sohn wallpapers are also awarded, show that the products have been assessed in regard to indoor air hygiene and found to be suitable for allergy-sufferers. Putting healthy living on the wall. Further test labels and certificates can be found at

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Erfurt & Sohn wallpapers are free from plasticisers, solvents and PVC that are harmful to health. Choosing them demonstrates your commitment to sustainable, ecological wall design - which is also signified by the test labels and certificates. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Dr. Christian Bockelmann, expert in occupational safety and environmental representative at Erfurt & Sohn helps you find your way through the ‘certification jungle’. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The GREEN BRAND quality seal certifies environmental sustainability which, in turn, helps to protect the environment, nature and the climate. (Logo: GREEN BRANDS Organisation GmbH)

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