Dortmund University of Applied Sciences for Police and Public Administration – new site refurbished with the ERFURT-GIGA roll

The University of Applied Sciences opened its second site in Dortmund in a former post office building. ERFURT-GIGA rolls were applied to the walls of the new premises, as their outstanding product and material properties made the product ideal for this extensive project.

Wuppertal, February 2022 - The University of Applied Sciences for Police and Public Administration in North Rhine-Westphalia (HSPV NRW) has leased another building in addition to its main site in the heart of the technology centre. This new building will be used for its satellite site in Dortmund to meet the rising need for space due to growing numbers of students. The 7,200 square metres of the former post office building at Hiltropwall 4-12 are ideal as a training and study centre. Apart from its central location, the focus was also on transforming the former office building into a site that would offer excellent teaching and learning conditions for both students and lecturers. To achieve this, it was essential that the designers implemented concept that also focused on the wall design. Above all, it was to guarantee a lasting attractive appearance. Those responsible for the interior design opted to use the ERFURT-Variovlies M 150 GIGA roll. The product stood out on account of its excellent qualities and countless benefits in terms of time management, maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

First choice: GIGA roll – because simple's just easy

The wall design of very large areas no longer presents a challenge to designers and trades persons, thanks to the ERFURT-GIGA roll. The full wall-height roll enables large surfaces to be wallpapered seamlessly, quickly and efficiently. Flat Nonwoven, Vlies-Rauhfaser nonwoven woodchip and digitally printed wallcoverings on a nonwoven carrier backing can be applied horizontally to the wall in next to no time. The paint-the-wall technique is recommended, with the help of the mobile trolley developed specifically for the GIGA roll in which it sits vertically. Traditional wallpaper seams are now a thing of the past, as the entire area is wallpapered totally seamlessly. Painting is also quicker, as there is no need to fill seams.

Quality and cost-effectiveness: benefits of the GIGA roll

Essen-based Sandscheiper & Ache, the company commissioned with the decorating work, relied on this innovative concept when it came to designing the walls of the university. The Managing Directors André Ache and Nils Sandscheiper faced a major challenge on the HSPV NRW project. They had to create a high-quality but economical wallpaper finish over a large area whilst keeping to a very tight construction schedule with other trades. This is where the GIGA roll came into its own. "Apart from the personnel and machinery needed, you generally need a different mindset when using the GIGA roll compared to 'traditional' wallpapering, as the process is markedly different. However, a certain routine quickly becomes established with a little practice and the benefits of the GIGA roll – quality and cost-effectiveness – come into their own," continues Nils Sandscheiper. Both fundamentally advocate the use of the GIGA roll where the project and its properties make its use possible.

Efficient handling: everyday use of the GIGA roll

Nils Sandscheiper regards the benefit of the GIGA roll as being its handling: "Efficiency and time-savings are dependent on many factors – including the situation of the room, its size, height, ceiling construction, door and window openings. We estimate that the time-saving on this project was around 30%. It is worth pointing out that this was our first project using the GIGA roll and we assume that we will become more efficient as we get used to using it. The GIGA roll's seamless finish is an incomparable bonus and is also reflected in the outstanding quality of the finish." It enabled all decorating work, including preparation of the base surface, to be completed within 32 weeks, thanks to close coordination and collaboration with Essen-based Arvisio, responsible for the initial design, planning and execution of the work. There was also an agreement with the dry walling trades people to fit the trim angles for the mineral fibre ceilings after wallpapering to simplify wallpapering and leave enough flexibility in terms of the room height. Overall, ERFURT-Variovlies M 150 GIGA roll was applied to around 7,500 square metres of wall over four floors. The extremely durable Flat Nonwoven wallcovering clings beautifully to the wall and is perfect for projects where smooth and even wall finishes are required. It also guarantees a healthy learning environment, as the nonwoven wallcovering is breathable and also free of PVC and plasticisers. Traditional roll-format lengths of the nonwoven wallcovering were also used for isolated smaller areas. All kinds of different paint finishes can immediately be applied to ERFURT-Variovlies M 150 – even several times over. The decorators opted for a high-coverage interior paint at the Hiltropwall university project.
The ERFURT-GIGA roll is an ideal solution in commercial projects where large areas need to be decorated efficiently, cost-effectively and durably. Both decorators and customers are persuaded by its benefits – and in Dortmund it has helped to create an excellent backdrop for students and lecturers.

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Wallpapering with the ERFURT-GIGA roll at the Hiltropwall project overwhelmingly convinced all those involved. Long office corridors in the former post office building were wallpapered in next to no time – without compromising on quality. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The ERFURT-GIGA roll comes into its own on projects involving major work, both in terms of labour and material, but also in ensuring that the result is professional as well as visually clean and tidy. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Nils Sandscheiper, Managing Director of Sandscheiper & Ache, considers that the GIGA is beneficial in high-quality decorating where large areas need to be wallpapered quickly with minimal interruptions. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The ERFURT-GIGA roll: wallpapering large areas of wall seamlessly, quickly and efficiently. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

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