Bring your creativity to life with a brush and roller

Shapes and colours: make an individual style statement with creative wall design

My apartment, my style, my walls – where else can I let my creative juices flow if not in my own home? Design your home to showcase your personal taste and style with a brush, paint and a little preparation. It's fun to do and you can feel justly proud of what you have achieved. It doesn't need to be a massive redecoration project. Instead of redecorating entire walls, why not create exciting style statements by decorating individual sections or painting graphic shapes to positively change the appearance of a room?

Different colours lend rooms very different atmospheres. Warm colours, such as red, yellow and orange, can be stimulating, while colder shades, including blue, white or grey, exude a calming ambience. The same applies to shapes: curves are perceived as being soothing, while rectangles or triangles exude a certain dynamism. Consider using circles in shades of blue or grey to create a relaxing yet eye-catching feature in your lounge or bedroom.

But do-it-yourself skills are also called for when it comes to preparing for your creative artistry – the use of a home-made 'pair of compasses' will be of great help when drawing a perfect circular shape on the wall. Simply knock a nail into the wall in the centre of where you want your circle to be, tie a thread to the nail, and tie a pencil to the other end. Now simply draw a circle, as you would with a conventional pair of compasses. Of course, you can also draw different sizes of circles – just lengthen or shorten the thread. Once you are happy with the preparation, you can start painting: use a brush to apply paint precisely along the edges, then paint the inside of the circle with a roller. We strongly recommend Erfurt paintable wallcoverings when decorating a wall yourself. Whether you opt for woodchip, nonwoven woodchip, flat nonwoven or textured wallcoverings – the individual designs, different textures and grains of the healthy wallcoverings are guaranteed to show off your paintwork to best advantage.

Check out our step-by-step instructions for wall design with circles and many more exciting DIY ideas here.

[Translate to English:] Schon mit wenig Aufwand lassen sich tolle Eyecatcher für die Wand gestalten. Farblich passende Accessoires runden das Ambiente ab. (Foto: Erfurt Tapeten)

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[Translate to English:] Ein wenig Vorbereitung und sauberes Anzeichnen genügen, dann kann das selbst entworfene Kreisdesign angestrichen werden. (Foto: Erfurt Tapeten)

[Translate to English:] Für die Wandgestaltung in Eigenregie einfach Wunschfarbe auswählen, anrühren und los geht’s! Mit Rolle und Pinsel werden Wohnträume wahr. (Foto: Erfurt Tapeten)

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