25 years of Vliesfaser nonwoven: six new textures to mark the anniversary milestone

Erfurt & Sohn is expanding its already extensive Vliesfaser nonwoven range with striking, contemporary textures, and now offers a total of over 70 patterns. This gives decorators a wide range of high-quality product solutions, but at the same time a sustainable and healthy basis for making customers' individual requests a reality.


Wuppertal, January 2022(fpr) Ease of handling, flexible designs and durable finishes even in tough conditions: the benefits of nonwoven wallcoverings are plain to see. For a quarter of a century, the wallpaper specialist Erfurt & Sohn has been developing and producing its paintable wallcoverings in Wuppertal, demonstrating, time and time again its specialist expertise and innovative prowess with new product solutions. To mark the 25th anniversary of ERFURT Vliesfaser nonwoven wallcoverings, the company will be launching six new textures in 2022. Like all other embossed wallcoverings, they will perfectly combine healthy interior products with professional quality and economical use. Erfurt is thus positioning itself as the go-to supplier for varied looks as well as a strong partner to the trade.


Diversity for your walls

Today, decorators' work goes far beyond just applying wallcoverings or paint to walls and ceilings: customers are looking for well-founded information on healthy interior products, expert advice and the provision of end-to-end concepts that visually enhance rooms and cleverly realise customers' individual requests. Decorators are guaranteed to find a massive choice of paintable textures from Erfurt & Sohn: Following the latest extension to the Vliesfaser nonwoven range alone, there are now 44 different patterns available in 25 x 0.75 m rolls, and a further 27 designs in 10.05 x 0.53 m rolls – over 70 different designs. There is guaranteed to be an embossed texture to suit all customer requirements enabling decorators to realise the latest interior design trends with high-quality products. The product range now boasts six striking new textures: While the changing embossing (Vliesfaser nonwoven 597/797) ensures interesting gradations of colour due to the alternating textured and smooth areas, Vliesfaser nonwoven 598/798 is modelled on the look of a traditional fibreglass wallcovering and is very popular with enthusiasts of a more retro look. Erfurt has designed Vliesfaser nonwoven 564 for walls designed to have a sgraffito-like textured plaster look. And when you come to redecorate, the original condition of the wall is quickly restored by simply removing the wallcovering – whereas sgraffito-look textured plaster has to be painstakingly sanded off. The fine, granular texture 596/796 is ideal as an alternative to textured paints, as is texture 565, the curved lines and superimposed fibres of which create a restrained, three-dimensional effect. Last, but not least, the Levantine embossed pattern 563 ensures a long-lasting yet restrained wall design.


By professionals for professionals: efficient handling and long-lasting effect

ERFURT-Vliesfaser nonwoven wallcoverings have been systematically developed to meet the needs of decorators. They combine the technical qualities of a 160-gramme professional nonwoven wallcovering with a host of varied designs. The embossed Vliesfaser nonwoven wallcoverings can be used with a pasting machine and using the paste-the-wall technique – efficient and uncompromising in terms of quality. The final coat of paint looks good at the same time as contributing to the durability of the wallcovering: The nonwoven fibres combine with the paint to form an extremely durable surface, which retains its attractiveness over time, even in areas exposed to a lot of wear and tear, such as hotel lobbies, offices or children's playrooms. Apart from their persuasive design flexibility and ease of handling, all ERFURT-Vliesfaser nonwoven wallcoverings boast impressive environmental credentials: they are made of high-quality natural cellulose pulp and textile fibres, and are free of PVC and plasticisers. They also play an important role with regard to the interior climate, as they are breathable and moisture-regulating, an aspect proved by different quality seals. ERFURT-Vliesfaser nonwoven wallcoverings have been tested to the STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® (analysis of components and materials) and were classified by the ECO Institute Cologne as being particularly low-emission (tested according to the AgBB standard). They also meet the requirements of RAL-GZ 479. A further benefit: nonwoven wallpapers can be re-painted several times with ease and are thus also distinctive in terms of sustainability.

Decorators now have a high-quality range of wallcovering solutions available to them with the broad-based Erfurt & Sohn Vliesfaser nonwoven range, enabling them to realise customers' design concepts economically, attractively and sustainability.

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Vliesfaser nonwoven design 598/798 is inspired by the look of a traditional fibreglass wallcovering. Its benefits are demonstrated by its ease of handling and flexibility. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The Levantine texture of the new Vliesfaser nonwoven design 563 creates a long-lasting and restrained look. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Curved lines and superimposed fibres lend versatility to the new texture 565. It is ideal for areas to be painted. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The fine texture 596/796 has the look of sprinkled granulate. It means that this nonwoven wallcovering is ideal as an alternative to textured paints. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The alternating textured and smooth areas of Vliesfaser nonwoven 597/797 lend it interesting gradations of coloured gloss. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Walls to which Vliesfaser nonwoven 564 has been applied have the appearance of sgraffito-like textured plaster. Benefits: Compared to textured plaster, the original condition of the wall can be quickly restored when you come to redecorate. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

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