DIY project: heat literally “off the roll”!

Effective energy-saving interior insulation helps to reduce heating costs and increase comfort

The last utility bill literally caught us off guard. Apart from the higher electricity prices, it was the heating costs above all that hit us. And even although the energy market seems somewhat less tense at the moment: expensive future prospects fail to give us a good feeling. The positive: we do not have to have to replace our heating system or fit new insulation throughout our house to save energy in the long term. Even small measures can help us to heat more efficiently and live more comfortably.

One effective measure is the lining of living room walls and ceilings with Erfurt-KlimaTec Thermovlies Basic or Premium thermal nonwoven. What good does this do? The effective energy-saving interior insulation solution literally “off the roll” forms an efficient separating layer between the habitable space and the masonry. The room’s thermal energy is increasingly directed back into the interior of the room. Rooms thus become warmer noticeably faster and with reduced energy consumption. In terms of hard facts, with Thermovlies Premium thermal nonwoven this means: the heating-up time of rooms in which Thermovlies Premium has been applied is reduced by up to 75%. In the long term, this results in up to 22% energy savings and up to 50% heat storage savings. Moreover, the walls radiate less cold, and comfort noticeably increases. Last but not least, the increased wall surface temperature brought about by the thermal nonwoven effectively combats the formation of condensation and thus mould.

But we do not need to wait for a free tradesperson to enjoy all these benefits. Moisture-regulating, breathable KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven is available to buy from most DIY stores and requires no specialist expertise to apply. Just like a wallpaper, it is first cut to the appropriate length and then applied to a clean, dry base surface with the appropriate system adhesive. After the specified drying time, it is simply wallpapered over with any wallcoverings, including Erfurt wallcoverings. The Quantity Calculator is ideal for calculating how many rolls are individually required. Visit to find out all you need to know about the product.

Efficient energy-saving KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven by Erfurt is available as a Basic or Premium version. Marketed as an “off-the-roll” interior insulation solution, it helps to significantly shorten the time rooms take to heat up. This results in lower energy consumption and consequently lower costs. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Let’s get cosy: rooms in which Thermovlies thermal nonwoven has been applied to the walls become warm noticeably faster. Bring on the winter. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Moisture-regulating, breathable Erfurt-KlimaTec Thermovlies thermal nonwoven is available to buy from most DIY stores and requires no specialist expertise to apply with the right system adhesive. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

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