Brush & Drip

A few different colours of paint, various widths of brushes, a spray bottle with water and a sponge - you don’t need much more than that to create an effective mural. A vibrant eye-catching statement on boring walls! It is designed on our smooth Variovlies nonwoven wallcovering, which is fully resistant to sprayed water: It does not come off the wall and remains dimensionally stable. But make sure that your floor is well protected as the paint will run down onto it from the wall. 

(Cooperation and copyright image rights “selbst ist der Mann”)

1. Mark the first length of wallcovering on the wall. The dimension is the width of the wallcovering minus 2-3 centimetres.

2.  Cut the length of wallcovering, allowing an extra 10 cm. Stir the special paste and paste it onto the wall. The wallcovering remains dry.

3. Position the first length of the dry nonwoven wallcovering at the top of the wall. Align it to the line you have drawn and allow a few centimetres extra at the top. Slowly unroll the rest of the wallcovering and smooth it with the wallpaper roller. 

4. Carefully stir all the paint colours.

5. With the brush, sweepingly create the lower outline of the clouds in mint.

6. Spread the paint with the moistened sponge.

7. Then add mid-blue and use it to create circular clouds.

8. Take a spray bottle and spray water onto the paint – it will start decoratively running. 

9. Use the moist sponge to help the paint run.

10. The dark blue is also painted on in circular movements, sprayed and then blurred. Then add pink to create a statement effect.  

11. Golden spray effects add the finishing touch. 

List of tools for this creative technique

  • Paintbrush
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge/cloth
  • Bucket of water
  • Stirring rods

List of materials