Blue Angel

For over 40 years, the Blue Angel has been the German Federal Government’s environmental label. Independent and credible, it sets stringent standards for environmentally friendly products and service providers. The Blue Angel guides customers towards more sustainable purchasing.

Products that have been awarded the Blue Angel seal are more environmentally-friendly than comparable conventional products. They comply with a raft of criteria that takes into account environmental and health-related aspects. The purchase of products carrying the Blue Angel seal provides a guarantee of good products with a low environmental impact and positive health-related protection compared to some other products with the same purpose.

ERFURT products that have been awarded the Blue Angel seal:

  • Erfurt Rauhfaser AVANTGARDE
  • Erfurt Rauhfaser CLASSICO
  • Erfurt Rauhfaser ELLA
  • Erfurt Rauhfaser SPRINT
  • Erfurt Rauhfaser RUSTIC

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