Erfurt: Relaunch of the Vliesfaser and textured nonwoven range

When selecting paintable wallcoverings, consumers can now enjoy a clearly organised product range with a wealth of textures in the Erfurt quality they have come to expect. Some of the new products have also been enhanced in terms of flexibility, styles, health aspects, and ease of individual handling.

The paintable nonwoven wallcoverings produced by Erfurt, the wallcovering specialist, are known for their excellent material and environmental quality, as well as their extensive range of different, modern textures. The Wuppertal, Germany-based company has relaunched its Vliesfaser nonwoven range to better meet consumer demand for customisable wallcoverings in future. This “makeover” literally brings structure to the range: now divided into five categories, the range includes white printed ready-to-use wallcoverings and – now new – two categories of expressive textured nonwoven wallcoverings alongside the proven designs in a range of weights.

Diverse range of embossed nonwovens and textures
If you are planning to decorate or renovate your home, you will be considering more than just the look of the wallcovering. It needs to be quick and, above all, easy to handle. It must be durable, and environmental considerations are increasingly playing a key role in the decision-making process. The new range of Erfurt-Vliesfaser nonwovens and Strukturvlies textured nonwovens now offers something for every customer: Vliesfaser Basic, Vliesfaser Protect and Vliesfaser Ready nonwovens as well as Strukturvlies Basic and Strukturvlies Premium textured nonwovens are the new categories. Thanks to their different product focuses, they now serve different consumer requirements, but of course continue to combine all the quality and decorating benefits of Erfurt wallcoverings.

Vliesfaser Basic: The Lightweight Nonwoven
As a 100% nonwoven wallcovering, Erfurt-Vliesfaser Basic (120 g) is an ideal wallcovering for “decorating novices” looking to sustainably freshen up their living space. The fine yet stable embossing of the lightweight, paintable nonwoven wallcoverings sets them apart. A wealth of different textures provides for a wide range of creative wall designs, from understated to impactful, depending on your taste. The textures can also be repainted several times over and are also scratch-resistant once painted. They are also made of natural, sustainable and renewable raw materials. What’s more, they are produced in a resource-friendly manner and without the use of harmful plasticisers, PVC, vinyl or similar in the embossing process.

Vliesfaser Protect: The Hard-wearing Nonwoven
As a durable wallcovering, Erfurt-Vliesfaser Protect nonwoven (150 g) impresses with its strong and resistant embossing. The richly varied and expressive textures can be used to create walls with a unique, individual character with a rich depth of colour. The wallcoverings are made from 100% nonwoven material, can be repainted several times, and are particularly scratch-resistant once painted. This allows them to be used flexibly and creatively wherever walls are required to create an impactful, sustainable and durable backdrop. And best of all, nonwoven wallcoverings are completely free of PVC, plasticisers or other additives. Erfurt-Vliesfaser Protect nonwoven is also carbon-neutral – it is produced in a way that conserves resources and reduces emissions. Carbon neutrality is achieved by offsetting the necessary emissions by supporting various climate-related projects.

Vliesfaser Ready: The Straightforward Nonwoven
Erfurt-Vliesfaser Ready is an embossed nonwoven wallcovering that is ready-printed in white and therefore does not need to be painted once applied – perfect for anyone looking to avoid painting. The 100% nonwoven wallcovering also comes in expressive and impactful textures, enhancing any wall with their precise embossing. As Erfurt-Vliesfaser Ready is also particularly scratch-resistant, consumers can now enjoy permanently beautiful, white and durable textured walls with minimal effort. If necessary, the wallcovering can still be repainted several times. And what's more, just like Erfurt-Vliesfaser Protect, the white printed wallcovering impresses with its carbon neutrality.

Strukturvlies Basic textured nonwoven: The Ultra-expressive Nonwoven
Erfurt-Strukturvlies Basic textured nonwoven is an expressive textured wallcovering on an environmentally-friendly nonwoven carrier material. The wide range of designs can be used to create modern murals with a distinctive three-dimensional effect. This impressive plastic effect is made possible by the water-based, completely PVC-free textured foam, which precisely accentuates the different designs – for a real statement on the wall. The nonwoven carrier material is made of 100% recycled fibres and has a smooth back that is simple to work with. Erfurt-Strukturvlies Basic textured nonwoven can be repainted several times and is scratch-resistant once painted. 

Strukturvlies Premium textured nonwoven: The Confident Nonwoven
Erfurt-Strukturvlies Premium is a white printed textured nonwoven wallcovering on a carrier material also made of 100% recycled fibres. Once applied to the wall, there is no need to paint it. The bold textures of the different styles provide durable, scratch-resistant and stable surfaces. They also lend an imposing, three-dimensional impact to walls. Unlike other foamed wallcoverings, which may contain PVC, the textured foam used in Erfurt-Strukturvlies Premium – like the Basic wallcovering – is water-based and therefore completely PVC-free. The smooth back also makes it easier to handle. 

Whether you opt for a ready-to-use wallcovering, paintable nonwoven or foamed textured wallpaper, all embossed wallcoverings, in addition to their characteristic properties, can be quickly applied to the wall using the paste-the-wall technique. Simply brush Erfurt nonwoven adhesive onto the wall, position the rolls of wallcovering in the bed of paste and press into place. You’re done! The wallcoverings cover cracks and, thanks to their breathable and moisture-regulating qualities, also have a positive impact on indoor air quality.

The reorganised range has now been split into five categories. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Boasting a bold design, it can be repainted several times and is also scratch-resistant once painted: Strukturvlies Basic textured nonwoven. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

As a 100% nonwoven wallcovering, Erfurt-Vliesfaser Basic (120 g) is an ideal wallcovering for “decorating novices” looking to sustainably freshen up their living space. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The expressive textures – as here with Vliesfaser Protect – create walls with a unique character. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

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